2 Letter Words: List, Meanings, and Examples

This article lists common two-letter words that you can use in your writing or word games.

  1. Aa- a type of lava
  2. Ab- short for abdominal muscle
  3. Ad- an advertisement
  4. Ae- one
  5. Ag- short for agriculture or silver (Ag)
  6. Ah- an exclamation of surprise or realization
  7. Ai- a type of sloth
  8. Al- short for aluminum
  9. Am- the first person singular form of the verb “to be”
  10. An- an indefinite article
  11. Ar- a letter of the alphabet
  12. As- used in comparisons
  13. At- in or near a specific place
  14. Ax- a tool for chopping wood
  15. Ay- an affirmative vote or declaration
  16. Ba- an exclamation or sound; also an Egyptian soul
  17. Be- to exist
  18. Bi- bisexual
  19. Bo- a friend or buddy
  20. By- near or next to
  21. Da- short for dad
  22. De- of or from (used in names)
  23. Do- perform an action
  24. Ed- past tense of “eat”
  25. Ef- the letter F
  26. Eh- expression of doubt or questioning
  27. El- the letter L
  28. Em- the letter M
  29. En- the letter N
  30. Er- an expression of hesitation
  31. Es- the letter S
  32. Et- a past tense ending
  33. Ex- former partner
  34. Fa- a musical note
  35. Go- to move or proceed
  36. Ha- an exclamation of joy or surprise
  37. He- a male person
  38. Hi- a greeting
  39. Ho- an exclamation or calling out
  40. Id- part of the psyche (Freud)
  41. If- a condition or supposition
  42. In- within something
  43. Is- third person singular present of “be”
  44. It- a pronoun
  45. Jo- a sweetheart or dear person
  46. Ka- an Egyptian spiritual entity
  47. La- a musical note
  48. Li- a Chinese unit of distance
  49. Lo- an expression of wonder
  50. Ma- mother
  51. Me- first person singular pronoun
  52. Mi- a musical note
  53. Mu- a Greek letter
  54. My- possessive pronoun
  55. No- a negative response
  56. Nu- a Greek letter
  57. Od- a hypothetical force of nature
  58. Of- indicating origin, relation, or a part
  59. Oh- an exclamation of surprise
  60. Om- a sacred syllable in Hinduism
  61. On- physically in contact with
  62. Op- a style of art (Optical Art)
  63. Or- a conjunction indicating alternatives
  64. Os- a bone
  65. Ow- an exclamation of pain
  66. Ox- an animal used for work
  67. Pa- father
  68. Pe- short for penny
  69. Pi- mathematical constant (π)
  70. Re- concerning
  71. So- to such a great extent
  72. Ta- thank you
  73. Ti- a musical note
  74. To- in the direction of
  75. Um- expression of hesitation
  76. Un- prefix meaning “not”
  77. Up- to a higher place
  78. Us- plural form of “I”
  79. Ut- a musical syllable (do, re, mi)
  80. We- first person plural pronoun
  81. Wo- exclamation of surprise or wonder
  82. Xi- a Greek letter
  83. Ye- archaic or dialect form of “you”
  84. Yo- expression used to get attention
  85. Za- slang for pizza

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