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We believe in the transformative power of words. Language is not just a tool for communication; it’s an art form that enables us to express, persuade, inform, and move others. Our mission is to improve your mastery of the English language, unlocking your potential to express yourself clearly and to understand the subtleties of written texts with ease.

Our Services

Whether you’re a writer, student, educator, or a professional looking to polish your language skills, This Makes Words provides a suite of services to cater to your needs:

  • Comprehensive Word Lists: Find lists of words categorized by the letter they start with, their length, or their syntactic type. Our repository is continuously updated, ensuring you have access to a rich vocabulary.
  • Grammar Guidelines: Learn the rules that govern the English language. From basic punctuation to complex sentence structures, our guidelines help clarify common grammatical queries.
  • Spelling Support: Say goodbye to typos and spelling errors with our spelling tools that reinforce your writing with correctness and credibility.
  • Language Resources: Delve into our articles and tips on effective communication, creative writing, and language learning. Plus, explore links to dictionary definitions, thesauri, translation tools, and more.

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Our website is designed to be interactive and user-friendly, offering several tools to enhance your language skills:

  • Word Finder: Struggling to find words that start with ‘Q’ or end in ‘ing’? Use our Word Finder to generate lists based on your criteria.
  • Grammar Checker: Upload your text and our Grammar Checker tool will scan for any grammatical mistakes, offering suggestions for improvement.
  • Learning Games: Practice spelling and grammar while having fun with our selection of educational games perfect for learners of all ages.

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Join our dynamic community of linguaphiles and language learners. Participate in discussions, ask for advice, and share your knowledge with peers. Our community is an ever-growing space where members support each other in achieving greater linguistic prowess.

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