4 Letter P Words: Top Examples and Uses

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of words that are four letters long and start with the letter “p.

  1. Pace- speed or rate of movement.
  2. Pack- a bundle of things wrapped together.
  3. Page- one side of a sheet of paper.
  4. Pain- physical or emotional suffering.
  5. Pair- a set of two things used together.
  6. Palm- the inner part of the hand.
  7. Pant- to breathe heavily.
  8. Park- a public area with trees and grass.
  9. Part- a piece of something.
  10. Pass- to go by something.
  11. Past- the time before now.
  12. Path- a way or track.
  13. Peak- the top of a mountain.
  14. Peel- to remove the outer layer.
  15. Peer- to look closely.
  16. Pelt- animal skin with fur.
  17. Pens- writing instruments.
  18. Pert- lively or cheeky.
  19. Phew- an expression of relief.
  20. Pick- to choose something.
  21. Pile- a heap of things.
  22. Pine- a type of tree.
  23. Pint- a measure of liquid.
  24. Pity- feeling of compassion.
  25. Plan- a detailed proposal.
  26. Play- engage in activity for fun.
  27. Plea- a request for help.
  28. Plot- a storyline.
  29. Plow- to turn over soil.
  30. Plug- close an opening.
  31. Poke- jab with a finger.
  32. Pole- a long, slender object.
  33. Pond- a small body of water.
  34. Pore- a tiny opening in skin.
  35. Pose- to assume a position.
  36. Post- a piece of mail.
  37. Pour- to flow liquid steadily.
  38. Pray- to speak to a deity.
  39. Prey- an animal hunted for food.
  40. Prod- to poke sharply.
  41. Prof- a short form of professor.
  42. Prom- a formal dance.
  43. Prop- a support structure.
  44. Pull- to exert force to move.
  45. Pump- a device for moving fluids.
  46. Pure- not mixed with anything else.
  47. Push- to exert force away.
  48. Quad- a rectangular courtyard.
  49. Quay- a dock where ships load/unload.
  50. Quit- to stop doing something.
  51. Quiz- a short test.
  52. Race- a competition of speed.
  53. Rage- intense anger.
  54. Rail- a track for trains.
  55. Rain- water falling from clouds.
  56. Rake- a gardening tool.
  57. Rang- made a sound (past of ring).
  58. Rank- a level or position.
  59. Rant- to speak loudly.
  60. Rape- forced sexual activity.
  61. Rare- not common.
  62. Rate- a measure of speed or level.
  63. Road- a way for vehicles.
  64. Roam- to wander.
  65. Rock- a large stone.
  66. Role- a part in a play or film.
  67. Roll- to move by turning over.
  68. Roof- the top covering of a building.
  69. Room- an enclosed space.
  70. Root- part of a plant underground.
  71. Rope- a strong, thick cord.
  72. Rose- a type of flower.
  73. Rove- to wander.
  74. Rubs- to apply friction.
  75. Ruin- to destroy or spoil.
  76. Rule- a principle governing behavior.
  77. Rung- step of a ladder.
  78. Runs- moves quickly on foot.
  79. Sack- a large bag.
  80. Sage- a wise person.
  81. Sail- a boat’s fabric to catch wind.
  82. Salt- a mineral used in seasoning.
  83. Sand- small grains of rocks.
  84. Save- to rescue or keep safe.
  85. Scan- to look over quickly.
  86. Scar- a mark from a healed wound.
  87. Scat- go away quickly.
  88. Seal- a marine animal.
  89. Seat- a place to sit.
  90. Seek- to look for something.
  91. Seem- to appear to be.
  92. Sell- to exchange for money.
  93. Send- to cause to go.
  94. Sews- joins with needle and thread.
  95. Sham- something false or fake.
  96. Ship- a large boat.
  97. Shoe- footwear.
  98. Shop- a place to buy goods.
  99. Show- to display.
  100. Shut- to close.

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