4 Letter Words Starting with C: Complete List

Discover a comprehensive list of four-letter words beginning with “C,” perfect for boosting your vocabulary or enhancing your word games.

  1. Calm – Peaceful, quiet, and without worry.
  2. Cake – A sweet baked dessert.
  3. Card – A piece of thick paper, often used for messages.
  4. Chat – To talk in an informal way.
  5. Corn – A type of grain.
  6. Call – To contact or summon someone.
  7. Club – A group of people with a common interest.
  8. Cave – A large, natural hole in the ground or in the side of a hill or mountain.
  9. Clap – To strike your hands together to show appreciation or attention.
  10. Clip – A device or action that holds things together.
  11. Code – A system of words, letters, or signs used to represent a message.
  12. Cast – To throw something forcefully.
  13. Cost – The price paid for something.
  14. Crab – A sea creature with a hard shell.
  15. Crew – A group of people who work together.
  16. Cove – A small, sheltered bay.
  17. Cure – A treatment that ends an illness.
  18. Coin – A flat round piece of metal used as money.
  19. Crow – A large black bird.
  20. Comb – A tool with teeth used for arranging hair.
  21. Coat – A garment worn over clothes for warmth.
  22. Cage – An enclosure for confining animals.
  23. Clue – A piece of evidence or information.
  24. Calm – To make peaceful and quiet.
  25. Curl – To form or cause something to form into a curved or spiral shape.
  26. Case – A container used for storing or transporting something.
  27. Cook – To prepare food by heating it.
  28. Clap – To produce a sound by striking the palms of the hands together repeatedly.
  29. Cool – Moderately cold.
  30. Curb – To restrain or keep in check.
  31. Cart – A vehicle with either two or four wheels, often used for transporting goods.
  32. Chop – To cut something into pieces with an ax, knife, or other sharp instrument.
  33. Chip – A small piece broken off from something.
  34. Coup – A sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government.
  35. Cost – An amount that has to be paid or spent to buy or obtain something.
  36. Cook – A person who prepares and cooks food.
  37. Cold – At a low temperature.
  38. Camp – A place with temporary accommodations like tents and cabins.
  39. Crow – To make a loud and harsh cry.
  40. Clan – A group of close- knit and interrelated families.
  41. Coil – To wind into a series of loops.
  42. Crew – To serve as a member of a crew.
  43. Curl – To become or form a twisted or curved shape.
  44. Cord – A long, thin, flexible string or rope.
  45. Cove – To shelter or hide away.
  46. Cake – To cover or becomes covered with a thick or sticky substance.
  47. Coin – To create a new word or phrase.
  48. Cure – To preserve food by drying, salting, or smoking.
  49. Clad – Clothed or covered.
  50. Clam – A type of shellfish that buries itself in the sand.
  51. Coup – An act of making a sudden, significant accomplishment.

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