4 Letter Words Starting with S: Complete List

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of four-letter words that start with the letter “s.

  1. Salt- a white crystalline substance that gives seawater its characteristic taste.
  2. Sink- to descend or drop downwards.
  3. Shop- a place where goods are sold.
  4. Show- to display or exhibit.
  5. Spot- a small round mark or stain.
  6. Save- to keep something safe or rescue from harm.
  7. Seal- to close tightly or a marine mammal.
  8. Slip- to slide unintentionally.
  9. Send- to dispatch or convey.
  10. Ship- a large vessel for traveling on water.
  11. Same- identical or unchanged.
  12. Sell- to exchange for money.
  13. Snow- frozen precipitation.
  14. Soup- a liquid food made by boiling ingredients.
  15. Stay- to remain in place.
  16. Stop- to cease or come to an end.
  17. Star- a celestial body or a famous person.
  18. Seat- a place for sitting.
  19. Sore- a painful area on the body.
  20. Snap- a sudden, sharp sound.
  21. Scam- a fraudulent scheme.
  22. Skip- to move in a light, bouncing manner.
  23. Such- of a kind.
  24. Scum- a layer of dirt or froth on a surface.
  25. Slam- to shut with force.
  26. Slip- to slide unintentionally.
  27. Slot- a narrow opening.
  28. Side- a position to the left or right of an object.
  29. Swag- stolen goods or a stylish confidence.
  30. Sing- to produce musical sounds with the voice.
  31. Slick- smooth and glossy.
  32. Shun- to avoid.
  33. Seek- to search for or try to find.
  34. Shed- to discard or lose.
  35. Sift- to separate by passing through a sieve.
  36. Soot- a black powdery substance from combustion.
  37. Spur- a pointed device on boots, urging movement.
  38. Stem- the main body of a plant.
  39. Sway- to move rhythmically back and forth.
  40. Swan- a large waterbird with a long neck.
  41. Sour- having an acidic taste.
  42. Soil- the top layer of the earth.
  43. Stir- to mix with a circular motion.
  44. Scar- a mark left on skin after a wound heals.
  45. Stark- severe or bare in appearance.
  46. Suit- a set of clothes or a legal case.
  47. Stun- to shock or daze.
  48. Slam- to shut forcefully.
  49. Slug- a slow-moving, slimy creature.
  50. Snap- a quick, sharp sound.
  51. Stud- a small knob or a male animal for breeding.
  52. Sigh- an exhalation showing emotion.
  53. Sham- something false or fake.
  54. Seem- to give the impression of being.
  55. Sing- to produce musical sounds vocally.
  56. Spit- to expel saliva from the mouth.
  57. Sand- fine particles of rock.
  58. Sake- for the purpose of or benefit.
  59. Solo- a performance by one person.
  60. Silk- a fine, soft fiber produced by silkworms.
  61. Snug- comfortable and warm.
  62. Soup- a liquid dish made by boiling ingredients.
  63. Sage- a wise person or an herb.
  64. Swap- to exchange one thing for another.
  65. Slot- a narrow opening, typically for receiving something.
  66. Sink- to go down below the surface or to a lower level.
  67. Sour- having an acidic or sharp taste.
  68. Snow- soft, white flakes of frozen water.
  69. Snap- to break suddenly with a sharp sound.
  70. Sing- to vocalize musical tones with the voice.
  71. Scam- a dishonest scheme or fraud.
  72. Shag- a rough, heavy fabric or hairstyle.
  73. Seer- a person who can foresee the future.
  74. Suit- a set of matching clothes or a lawsuit.
  75. Sane- mentally healthy or sound.
  76. Snag- to catch or tear something.
  77. Slit- a narrow cut or opening.
  78. Spur- to encourage or stimulate action.
  79. Spur- a pointed device on a rider’s heel or an incentive.
  80. Scum- a layer of dirt or froth on a liquid.
  81. Sloe- a small, dark purple fruit.
  82. Sift- to put through a sieve to separate particles.
  83. Saft- Not strong or firm.
  84. Sank- past of sink.
  85. Swop- to trade or exchange (variant of swap).
  86. Sere- dry or withered.
  87. Shod- past tense of shoe.
  88. Slab- a large, thick, flat piece of stone, concrete, or wood.
  89. Scow- a flat-bottomed boat.
  90. Soot- black powder from combustion.
  91. Serge- a type of durable woolen fabric.
  92. Silo- a tower or pit storing grain.
  93. Skit- a short, humorous performance.
  94. Sawn- past participle of saw (to cut).
  95. Shad- a type of fish.
  96. Shag- a matted growth or hair or carpet.
  97. Smog- air pollution.
  98. Stem- main body of a plant.
  99. Stub- short projection remaining after something has been removed.
  100. Shun- to avoid deliberately.

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