4 Letter Words Starting With T: Best List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of four-letter words that start with the letter “t.

  1. Toil- Hard work.
  2. Tide- The rise and fall of sea levels.
  3. Tone- Quality of sound.
  4. Task- A piece of work to be done.
  5. Temp- Short for temperature or temporary worker.
  6. Trim- To cut and make neat.
  7. Twin- One of two children born at the same time.
  8. Tale- A story.
  9. Tent- A portable shelter made of fabric.
  10. Tile- A piece of baked clay for covering surfaces.
  11. Torn- Past tense of tear; ripped.
  12. Test- A procedure to measure knowledge or performance.
  13. Time- A measure of the ongoing sequence of events.
  14. Teal- A shade of blue-green.
  15. Tick- A mark to show something is correct.
  16. Turf- Grass and the surface layer of earth.
  17. Talk- To converse.
  18. Trim- To make neat or short by cutting.
  19. Tree- A tall plant with a trunk and branches.
  20. True- In accordance with fact or reality.
  21. Town- A populated area, larger than a village.
  22. Tack- A small, sharp nail.
  23. Tame- Not wild; domesticated.
  24. Trip- A journey or excursion.
  25. Tour- A journey for pleasure or education.
  26. Text- Written or printed words.
  27. Trap- A device for catching animals.
  28. Tail- The rear part of an animal’s body.
  29. Tomb- A grave or burial place.
  30. Tips- Small pieces of useful advice.
  31. Tart- A sharp or sour taste.
  32. Then- At that time.
  33. Turn- To change direction.
  34. Tent- A portable shelter made of fabric.
  35. Turf- Grass and soil held together by roots.
  36. Torn- Ripped, past tense of tear.
  37. Teem- To be full of things; abound.
  38. Tack- A type of short, sharp nail.
  39. Tend- To take care of.
  40. Tear- A drop of liquid from the eye.
  41. Told- Past tense of tell.
  42. Thin- Not thick; having little flesh.
  43. Tray- A flat dish used for carrying items.
  44. Trove- A collection of valuable items.
  45. Tomb- A grave or burial place.
  46. Task- A piece of work to be done.
  47. Thaw- To melt or unfreeze.
  48. Toss- To throw lightly.
  49. Tang- A sharp taste or smell.
  50. Tong- One of two metal arms for grasping.
  51. Term- A fixed period of time.
  52. Third- Coming after the second.
  53. Tank- A large container for liquid.
  54. Tact- Skill in dealing with people.
  55. Tail- The rear part of an animal.
  56. Tend- To care for.
  57. Take- To grasp or capture.
  58. Trip- A journey or voyage.
  59. Tilt- To slant or tip.
  60. Test- An examination.
  61. Tool- A device used to perform tasks.
  62. Tale- An account of events.
  63. Tuck- To fold or push the edges.
  64. Type- A category or kind.
  65. Tone- A musical or vocal sound.
  66. Tent- A portable shelter for camping.
  67. Torn- Tear past tense; ripped.
  68. Tale- A narrative or story.
  69. Tack- A short, pointed nail.
  70. Toil- Laborious effort.
  71. Teal- Blue-green color.
  72. Trim- To cut for neatness.
  73. Text- Written words.
  74. Turn- To rotate or change direction.
  75. Trap- A device for capturing animals.
  76. Turf- Soil with grass.
  77. Thin- Low in thickness.
  78. Tail- Hind part of an animal.
  79. Town- An urban area.
  80. Told- Past of tell.
  81. Tall- Of great height.
  82. Torn- Past of tear.
  83. Toon- A cartoon character.
  84. Tips- Pieces of useful advice.
  85. Tend- To care for.
  86. Teem- To abound or swarm.
  87. Tone- Quality of sound.
  88. Trot- Slow run of a horse.
  89. Tint- A shade or variety of color.
  90. Turn- To change direction.
  91. Tier- A level or rank.
  92. Test- An examination.
  93. Tray- A flat, shallow container.
  94. Thud- A dull heavy sound.
  95. Toon- Animation character.
  96. Tomb- A burial place.
  97. Tack- A nail or pin with a broad flat head.
  98. Team- A group working together.
  99. Tank- A large container for storing liquids.
  100. Turf- Top layer of soil and grass.

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