4 Letter Words That Start with A: Popular Choices

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of four-letter words that start with the letter ‘A’.

  1. Abet- To help or encourage in wrongdoing.
  2. Able- Having the power, skill, or means to do something.
  3. Abut- To be adjacent or next to.
  4. Acid- A substance with a sour taste.
  5. Acme- The highest point, peak.
  6. Acne- A skin condition with pimples.
  7. Ails- Causes physical or emotional pain.
  8. Ajar- Slightly open.
  9. Alms- Money or food given to the poor.
  10. Aloe- A succulent plant with medicinal uses.
  11. Also- In addition, too.
  12. Amid- In the middle of.
  13. Amok- Behaving uncontrollably.
  14. Ants- Small insects living in colonies.
  15. Arid- Extremely dry.
  16. Arms- Weapons; limbs of the body.
  17. Arch- A curved structure.
  18. Area- A region or part of a place.
  19. Ares- Greek god of war.
  20. Aria- A solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment.
  21. Args- An abbreviation for arguments.
  22. Army- A large body of armed people.
  23. Arts- Creative activities like painting and music.
  24. Asked- Inquired or requested.
  25. Atom- The basic unit of a chemical element.
  26. Auto- A car.
  27. Away- To or at a distance.
  28. Apex- The top or highest part of something.
  29. Anew- Again, but in a new way.
  30. Aura- A distinctive atmosphere.
  31. Avon- A river in England.
  32. Axle- A shaft for rotating wheels.
  33. Axes- Plural of axe; tools for chopping.
  34. Axis- An imaginary line about which a body rotates.
  35. Aces- Plural of ace; playing cards.
  36. Arch- A curved structure.
  37. Aero- Related to aircraft or flight.
  38. Aged- Having lived for a long time.
  39. Aunt- A parent’s sister.
  40. Acts- Takes action.
  41. Ajar- Slightly open.
  42. Aims- Goals or objectives.
  43. Arid- Extremely dry.
  44. Ally- A partner or supporter.
  45. Alls- Everything or the whole amount.
  46. Avid- Eager and enthusiastic.
  47. Ably- Skillfully or capably.
  48. Amid- In the middle of.
  49. Akin- Related by blood.
  50. Amen- An expression of agreement or approval.
  51. Apex- The highest point.
  52. Arcs- Curved shapes.
  53. Arid- Dry, lacking moisture.
  54. Axil- Angle between the upper surface of a branch and the stem.
  55. Axes- Plural of axe; axes for chopping.
  56. Axil- Angle between a branch and stem.
  57. Aloe- A succulent plant used in medicine.
  58. Ally- A nation joined with another.
  59. Axil- The upper angle formed by a leaf or branch.
  60. Ante- A stake put up by a player.
  61. Arid- Extremely dry.
  62. Abet- To assist in wrongdoing.
  63. Able- Capable of doing.
  64. Amok- Wildly.
  65. Arch- A curved structure.
  66. Auto- Self.
  67. Aces- Top cards in a deck.
  68. Axed- Chopped.
  69. Axes- Plural.
  70. Aero- Relating to air or flight.
  71. Ajar- Slightly open.
  72. Avon- River.
  73. Away- To a distance.
  74. Axel- A figure skating jump.
  75. Anew- In a new way.
  76. Ably- Skillfully.
  77. Amid- Surrounded by.
  78. Axil- Angle between stem and leaf.
  79. Arid- Dry.
  80. Arts- Creative endeavors.
  81. Avid- Enthusiastic.
  82. Acts- Deeds or actions.
  83. Aces- High playing cards.
  84. Allies- Supporters.
  85. Amok- Uncontrolled.
  86. Alls- All items.
  87. Axle- Shaft for wheels.
  88. Aura- Distinctive atmosphere.
  89. Atom- Basic unit of matter.
  90. Arms- Weapons; limbs.
  91. Able- Competent.
  92. Axes- Tools for cutting.
  93. Aces- Top cards.
  94. Aries- Zodiac sign.
  95. Arid- Lacking moisture.
  96. Anew- Again.
  97. Arcs- Curves.
  98. Axis- A central line.
  99. Axes- Rotational lines.
  100. Apex- Topmost point.

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