4 Letter Words That Start with K: Top Examples

Looking for four-letter words that start with “k”? Here are some examples to expand your vocabulary: keep, keen, kite, king, know, kiln, kick, knot, kiwi, kill, kilt, knob, kirk, knob, kudo, kelp.

  1. Keen- Eager or enthusiastic.
  2. Kind- Considerate and helpful.
  3. Knee- Joint between the thigh and lower leg.
  4. Knot- Tied loop or fastening.
  5. Know- To be aware of through observation or information.
  6. Kelp- Large brown seaweed.
  7. Kale- Type of cabbage with curly leaves.
  8. Kern- To adjust the spacing between characters in text.
  9. Kilo- A unit of mass equal to 1000 grams.
  10. Kiwi- Flightless bird or fruit.
  11. Kick- Strike with the foot.
  12. Knit- To make fabric by interlocking loops of yarn.
  13. Knob- Rounded handle or control switch.
  14. Knap- Break or chip stone.
  15. Kilt- Traditional Scottish skirt.
  16. Khan- Title given to rulers and officials in central Asia.
  17. Knox- A place name, often referring to locations named after people.
  18. Kava- Drink made from the root of a Pacific Island plant.
  19. Keft- The state of enjoyment or pleasure.
  20. Kilo- A thousand units.

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