4 Letter Words That Start With S: A Detailed List

Discover an extensive list of four-letter words starting with “S” to enhance your vocabulary easily.

  1. Safe- Free from harm or risk.
  2. Sale- The exchange of goods for money.
  3. Same- Identical or unchanged.
  4. Sand- Loose granular substance from rock erosion.
  5. Save- To keep or rescue from harm.
  6. Seal- A marine mammal or a device to fasten.
  7. Seat- Something to sit on.
  8. Seam- The line where two pieces of fabric are sewn together.
  9. Seed- A plant’s unit of reproduction.
  10. Seen- Perceived with the eyes.
  11. Sell- To give something in exchange for money.
  12. Send- To cause to go or be taken to a destination.
  13. Shop- A place where goods are sold.
  14. Shot- The act of firing a projectile.
  15. Show- To display or exhibit.
  16. Sick- Affected by illness.
  17. Side- A position to the left or right of an object.
  18. Sing- Produce musical tones with the voice.
  19. Sink- To descend or drop to a lower level.
  20. Site- A location or place.
  21. Size- The physical dimensions of something.
  22. Slip- To slide unintentionally.
  23. Slow- Moving or operating at a low speed.
  24. Snow- Frozen water vapor falling as flakes.
  25. Soft- Easy to mold or cut; not hard.
  26. Soil- The upper layer of earth where plants grow.
  27. Sold- Exchanged for money in the past.
  28. Sole- The undersurface of a foot or shoe.
  29. Some- An unspecified amount.
  30. Song- A short piece of music with words.
  31. Soon- In a short time; shortly.
  32. Sort- To arrange by class or category.
  33. Soup- A liquid dish made by boiling ingredients.
  34. Span- The full extent of something.
  35. Star- A glowing astronomical object or celebrity.
  36. Stay- Remain in a place.
  37. Step- To move by lifting one foot and setting it down in a new position.
  38. Stop- To cease movement or operation.
  39. Such- To a high degree.
  40. Suit- A set of matching garments.
  41. Sure- Confident.
  42. Surf- The waves rolling onto the shore.
  43. Swag- Stylish confidence or coolness.
  44. Swan- A large waterbird with a long neck.
  45. Swim- Move through water by using limbs.
  46. Sync- Synchronize.
  47. Sake- For the purpose of.
  48. Sage- A wise person or an herb.
  49. Salt- A substance used to season or preserve food.
  50. Snap- A sudden, sharp cracking sound.
  51. Snip- To cut something with scissors.
  52. Snow- Precipitation in the form of ice crystals.
  53. Sway- To move back and forth.
  54. Swan- A large waterbird.
  55. Scar- A mark left by a healed wound.
  56. Seal- An animal or to close securely.
  57. Scam- A dishonest scheme.
  58. Sump- A pit where liquid collects.
  59. Sink- To descend or drop.
  60. Suet- Hard fat used in cooking.
  61. Skew- To distort or to lean.
  62. Scam- A fraudulent scheme.
  63. Silo- A structure for storing bulk materials.
  64. Sire- A father, especially of animals.
  65. Soup- Liquid food made by boiling ingredients.
  66. Spur- A small spike used in horse riding.
  67. Spin- To turn around quickly.
  68. Sage- Herb or wise person.
  69. Shun- To avoid deliberately.
  70. Step- A movement made by lifting the foot.
  71. Stir- To mix a substance.
  72. Ship- A large vessel for traveling on water.
  73. Shed- To discard or lose.
  74. Snag- An unexpected obstacle.
  75. Sole- The bottom part of a foot or shoe.
  76. Sink- To descend or submerge.
  77. Show- To display or present.
  78. Stay- Remain in a specific position.
  79. Sake- Purpose or benefit.
  80. Spur- To urge forward.
  81. Snap- A sudden breaking sound.
  82. Seal- To close securely.
  83. Soap- A substance used for cleaning.
  84. Star- A luminous celestial body.
  85. Save- To rescue or protect.
  86. Site- A specific location.
  87. Soon- In a short time.
  88. Stop- To halt or cease.
  89. Slip- To slide unintentionally.
  90. Sing- To vocalize musical tones.
  91. Sole- Only one.
  92. Sum- The total amount.
  93. Silk- A fine fabric.
  94. Swipe- To steal or to move swiftly.
  95. Slot- A narrow opening.
  96. Stow- To pack or store away.
  97. Shun- To deliberately avoid.
  98. Shed- To discard or get rid of.
  99. Spun- Past tense of spin.
  100. Sund- Sundry or various.

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