5 Letter Thanksgiving Words: Useful List

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and gathering, and here is a collection of five-letter Thanksgiving-themed words to enhance your holiday spirit.

  1. Feast- A large, elaborative meal.
  2. Bless- To confer or invoke divine favor.
  3. Gravy- A sauce made from meat juices.
  4. Maple- A type of tree known for its syrup.
  5. Relish- A condiment for flavoring, made of pickled vegetables or fruits.
  6. Apple- A fruit commonly used in pies.
  7. Stuff- To fill with a mixture, often used concerning turkey.
  8. Treat- Something delightful and special.
  9. Flour- A powder obtained by grinding grain, used in baking.
  10. Bread- Baked food made from flour.
  11. Beans- Edible seeds from the legume family.
  12. Table- The furniture piece used for eating.
  13. Pecan- A nut commonly found in pies.
  14. Sweet- Having a sugary taste, often desserts.
  15. Roast- To cook by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven.
  16. Cream- Thick, fatty part of milk.
  17. Spice- Aromatic substances used to flavor food.
  18. Gruel- A thin, watery food made from boiling grain.
  19. Berry- Small, pulpy, edible fruit.
  20. Pilgr- Historical pilgrims who celebrated the first Thanksgiving.
  21. Grave- Solemn, serious; also refers to burial sites.
  22. Pilaf- Rice dish cooked in broth.
  23. Yam- Starchy tuber often confused with sweet potatoes.
  24. Happy- Feeling or showing pleasure.
  25. Fruit- Edible product of a tree or plant.
  26. Unity- Being united or joined together.
  27. Table- Furniture piece upon which food is served.
  28. Honey- Sweet substance made by bees.
  29. Spice- Aromatic flavoring agents.
  30. Noble- Having or showing fine personal qualities.
  31. Share- Use jointly.
  32. Thank- Express gratitude to.
  33. Gourd- Fruit with hard shell, often used as decoration.
  34. Apple- Edible fruit of Malus domestica.
  35. Toast- Bread browned by exposure to heat.
  36. Mirth- Amusement, joy.
  37. Pious- Devoutly religious.
  38. Turkey- Large bird native to North America.
  39. Merry- Cheerful and lively.
  40. Cozy- Giving a feeling of comfort.
  41. Angel- Spiritual being believed to act as helper or messenger of God.
  42. Nutsy- Crazy or eccentric.
  43. Savor- To enjoy the taste or smell.
  44. Berry- Fleshy fruit.
  45. Knack- Talent or skill.
  46. Basil- Culinary herb.
  47. Dance- Rhythmic movement to music.
  48. Mirth- Joy, happiness.
  49. Beech- Deciduous tree.
  50. Grace- Simple elegance.
  51. Rouse- To bring out of sleep.
  52. Blend- Mix together.
  53. Carve- Cut into pieces.
  54. Maple- Tree known for its syrup.
  55. Apple- Popular fruit.
  56. Churn- Stir or beat cream to make butter.
  57. Crust- Hard outer part of bread or pie.
  58. Pluck- Take hold of and remove.
  59. Clove- Spice made from dried flower buds.
  60. Peace- Freedom from disturbance.
  61. Grain- Seed of wheat, oats, corn, etc.
  62. Plant- Living organism that grows and reproduces.
  63. Jelly- Fruit preserve.
  64. Humor- Quality of being amusing.
  65. Bless- Invoke divine favor.
  66. Fable- Short story with a moral lesson.
  67. Apple- Edible fruit.
  68. Goose- Large waterfowl.
  69. Cran- Short for cranberry.
  70. Patch- Small piece of ground.
  71. Goose- Bird often roasted.
  72. Roast- Cook with dry heat.
  73. Hearty- Substantial and abundant.
  74. Feast- Large, elaborative meal.
  75. Basil- Herb used in cooking.
  76. Flaky- Easily breaking into small, thin pieces.
  77. Bread- Baked food made from flour.
  78. House- Building for human habitation.
  79. Shell- Hard protective outer layer.
  80. Table- Piece of furniture.
  81. Earth- Earth’s soil for planting.
  82. Cozy- Giving a feeling of comfort.
  83. Pluck- Take hold of and remove from place.
  84. Squash- Edible gourd.
  85. Merry- Cheerful.
  86. Apple- Popular fruit.
  87. Gourd- Fruit often used as decoration.
  88. Sweet- Having a sugary taste.
  89. Spice- Aromatic substance used for flavoring.
  90. Honey- Sweet substance made by bees.
  91. Apple- Popular fruit.
  92. Toast- Bread browned by heat.
  93. Basil- Herb used in cooking.
  94. Bless- Invoke divine favor.
  95. Crepe- Thin pancake.
  96. Carve- Cut into pieces.
  97. Gravy- Sauce made from meat juices.
  98. Fruit- Edible product of a tree or plant.
  99. Churn- Stir or beat.
  100. Pious- Devoutly religious.

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