5 Letter Word Starting with Al: Top Examples and Answers

Discover a list of five-letter words that start with “al” to enhance your vocabulary and language skills.

  1. Alarm- A warning of danger.
  2. Album- A book for storing photographs.
  3. Algae- Simple water plants.
  4. Alloy- A mixture of metals.
  5. Alley- A narrow passage.
  6. Alone- Without others.
  7. Alpha- The first letter of the Greek alphabet.
  8. Aloud- Out loud.
  9. Alter- Change or modify.
  10. Alibi- A claim of being elsewhere.
  11. Alps- A European mountain range.
  12. Algae- Photosynthetic organisms.
  13. Album- A music collection.
  14. Altar- A religious table.
  15. Alien- A being from another planet.
  16. Alamo- Historic Spanish mission.
  17. Alert- Quickly aware.
  18. Align- Arrange in a line.
  19. Aline- To form in a line.
  20. Alloy- Blend of metals.
  21. Alure- Medieval building feature.
  22. Alway- Always.

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