5 Letter Word Starting with Ri – Top Examples and Uses

Looking for five-letter words that start with “ri”? We’ve got the list you need to satisfy your curiosity!

  1. Right- correct, or to the direction opposite of left
  2. River- a large, flowing body of water
  3. Ridge- a long, narrow hilltop or mountain range
  4. Rifle- a long-barreled firearm
  5. Rinse- to wash lightly with water
  6. Rivet- a metal pin used for fastening
  7. Rigid- not flexible; stiff
  8. Rigor- the quality of being extremely thorough
  9. Rings- circular bands, often worn as jewelry
  10. Ripen- to become mature for consumption
  11. Regal- royal or magnificent
  12. Rinse- to cleanse by flushing with water
  13. Rived- to split or tear apart
  14. Risks- situations involving exposure to danger
  15. Rills- small streams or brooks
  16. Riser- a vertical portion of a stair between steps
  17. Rites- ceremonial acts or procedures
  18. Rigor- severity or sternness
  19. Rivet- something that holds attention firmly
  20. Ricin- a toxic protein from the castor bean
  21. Ripon- a cathedral city in England
  22. Rills- small brooks or streams
  23. Riven- split, shattered, or torn apart
  24. Rimed- covered with frost
  25. Rills- small watercourses in a stream
  26. Rings- small, circular bands usually worn on fingers
  27. Risks- potential exposures to danger or loss
  28. Ritzy- elegant, posh
  29. Rigid- unyielding, inflexible
  30. Rigor- extremely thorough and accurate
  31. Riots- violent public disturbances
  32. Rider- someone who rides something
  33. Rivet- a short metal pin or bolt for holding together two plates of metal
  34. Richt- correct or appropriate
  35. Riger- rare; either a misspelling of ‘rigor’ or a surname
  36. Riata- a length of rope used as a lasso
  37. Ricer- a tool used to press cooked food through a sieve
  38. Risus- Latin for “laughter”
  39. Risks- the possibility that something unpleasant will happen
  40. Rinks- large areas used for sports like skating and hockey
  41. Riffs- repeated phrases in music
  42. Rithe- rare; a flexible twig
  43. Rione- an Italian administrative division
  44. Rital- a medication for attention deficit disorders
  45. Ridgy- having ridges
  46. Riled- annoyed or irritated
  47. Ribby- having prominent ribs
  48. Ricky- diminutive form of the name Richard
  49. Riant- showing or feeling mirth or pleasure
  50. Rivie- Scottish for ‘split’

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