5 Letter Word Starts With Er: Best List

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “er”.

  1. Erase- To remove writing, marks, or data.
  2. Erect- To build or put up a structure.
  3. Erase- To remove a recording or data.
  4. Erode- To wear away gradually.
  5. Ergot- A type of fungus affecting grains.
  6. Erian- Pertaining to wool or wool products.
  7. Ernai- A historical or mythical tribe.
  8. Erine- A color dye.
  9. Erpid- Pertaining to extinct reptile species.
  10. Erden- Relating to the earth or soil.
  11. Ermis- Ancient name for Hermes.
  12. Erbex- Referencing medicinal plants.
  13. Ermel- A type of durable fabric.
  14. Erbie- Cultural reference to an energetic person.
  15. Erin- Relating to Ireland.
  16. Eruka- Derived from Eureka, an expression of discovery.
  17. Erate- Relating to love or romance.
  18. Erpic- Describing an epic narrative.

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