5 Letter Word Starts with G Ends with E: List & Examples

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “g” and end with “e,” this article provides a comprehensive list to satisfy your curiosity.

  1. Gaffe- A social or diplomatic blunder.
  2. Gauge- Measure precisely.
  3. Garbe- Clothing or dress.
  4. Grate- Reduce to small shreds or particles.
  5. Glaive- A pole weapon with a curved blade.
  6. Glaze- A glossy coating.
  7. Grace- Elegance or beauty of movement.
  8. Guide- One who shows the way.
  9. Grave- A place for burial.
  10. Ginge- Ginger-haired person.
  11. Geese- Plural of goose.
  12. Genie- A magical spirit.
  13. Guise- An external appearance.
  14. Glove- Hand covering.
  15. Gauge- Measure accurately.
  16. Grope- Feel about blindly.
  17. Glebe- Land belonging to a church.
  18. Grime- Dirt or soot.
  19. Glide- Move smoothly.
  20. Gnose- Related to knowledge (Gnosi: Greek root).
  21. Gloze- Minimize the significance of.
  22. Globe- The planet Earth.
  23. Gonne- Variant of gun (archaic).
  24. Green- Color of grass.
  25. Grebe- A type of water bird.
  26. Gloze- Make excuses.
  27. Grume- A thick fluid.
  28. Gylee- Ale or beer making process.
  29. Gnome- A mythical dwarf-like creature.
  30. Glare- A strong, harsh light.
  31. Givie- Give (dialect).
  32. Gorge- A narrow valley with steep sides.
  33. Grape- A small round fruit.
  34. Guyle- Craftiness (dialect).
  35. Glace- Glazed or frozen.
  36. Grate- Metal frame used for cooking.
  37. Gauge- Determine dimensions.
  38. Ginge- Variant of ginger.
  39. Grade- A level or rank.
  40. Gride- To scrape harshly.
  41. Grate- Reduce to fragments.
  42. Guise- External form or appearance.
  43. Glume- Bract surrounding grass seeds.
  44. Greve- Old English term for grave.
  45. Gerbe- Sheaf of cereal plants.
  46. Geode- Rock with crystals inside.
  47. Glawe- Related to ‘glow’.
  48. Gloae- Glow or light.
  49. Grike- A deep fissure.
  50. Guave- Mis-spelling of guava.
  51. Grine- Old English for grin.
  52. Gange- Variant of ganja (slang).
  53. Glite- Obsolete form of ‘glide’.
  54. Grame- Grieve (Scots).
  55. Goree- Variant of ‘gore’.
  56. Grose- Obsolete form of gross.
  57. Gilde- Obsolete form of ‘guild’.
  58. Grete- Archaic form of ‘greet’.
  59. Glete- Lightning or thunder (obs).
  60. Grave- Serious or solemn.
  61. Glyde- To move smoothly.
  62. Grone- Dialect form of groan.
  63. Grape- Small round fruit.
  64. Glare- Shine intensely.
  65. Gripe- Complain persistently.
  66. Glaze- Cover with shine.
  67. Grame- To make angry (Scots).
  68. Gleye- Dialect for clay.
  69. Genle- Gentle (archaic).
  70. Glume- Botanical part of grass.
  71. Goree- Related to ‘gore’.
  72. Glote- Gloat (obs).
  73. Gorde- Variant of gourd.
  74. Greve- Variant of grief.
  75. Gylde- Variant of guild.
  76. Ginge- Ginger (dialect).
  77. Gloce- To gloss (obs).
  78. Ganje- Slang for marijuana.
  79. Grime- Dirt or soot.
  80. Gaine- Gain (archaic).
  81. Grame- Sorrow (Scots).
  82. Grece- Grace (obs).
  83. Glise- Glimpse (obs).
  84. Glebe- Church land.
  85. Grile- To grill meat.
  86. Goave- Variant of guava.
  87. Grome- Archaic for groom.
  88. Goule- Variant of ghoul.
  89. Gange- Variant spelling of gang.
  90. Gleve- Pole weapon.
  91. Guige- Strap fastening a shield.
  92. Golve- Related to ‘glove’.
  93. Glose- Explain away.
  94. Grype- Gripe (obs).
  95. Grene- Green (archaic).
  96. Gesse- Guess (obs).
  97. Groce- Gross (dialect).

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