5 Letter Word Starts with I Ends with E: Top Examples

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “i” and end with “e,” this article will provide you with a helpful list of options.

  1. Irate- Extremely angry.
  2. Imbue- Inspire or permeate with a feeling.
  3. Indie- Independently produced.
  4. Impose- Force something on someone.
  5. Ingle- A fireplace.
  6. Inane- Silly or stupid.
  7. Issue- A point or matter in question.
  8. Icicle- A hanging, tapering piece of ice.
  9. Infer- Deduce or conclude.
  10. Incite- Encourage or stir up.
  11. Inflate- Fill with air or gas.
  12. Inhale- Breathe in.
  13. Ingle- A fireplace (variant meaning).
  14. Invite- Ask someone to attend.
  15. Illume- Light up, illuminate.
  16. Invoke- Call upon.
  17. Inure- Accustom someone to something.
  18. Imbibe- Drink alcohol.
  19. Inbye- Close in (Scottish term).
  20. Incle- A kind of narrow, woven tape.
  21. Idyle- A short poem about pastoral life.
  22. Inure- To harden by use or exercise.
  23. Istle- Fiber from a Mexican plant.
  24. Ijope- A non-English variant word.
  25. Inake- In Scots, to take in harvest.
  26. Ikode- Ethereal form.
  27. Izzat- Honor, respect (variant spelling).

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