5 Letter Word Starts with L Ends with E: List & Tips

If you’re looking for a list of five-letter words that start with “l” and end with “e,” you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Lapse- A brief or temporary failure.
  2. Lathe- A machine for shaping wood or metal.
  3. Leave- To go away from.
  4. Lease- A contract renting land, buildings, etc.
  5. Ledge- A narrow horizontal surface.
  6. Levee- An embankment to prevent flooding.
  7. Libel- A false published statement damaging reputation.
  8. Lithe- Graceful and flexible.
  9. Lodge- A small house typically in the countryside.
  10. Loose- Not tightly fastened or attached.
  11. Lucre- Money or profit.
  12. Louvre- A structure with slanted openings.
  13. Lapse- Temporary failure or slip.
  14. Lance- A long weapon for thrusting.
  15. Lease- A rental agreement.
  16. Large- Of considerable size.
  17. Limpet- A marine mollusk.
  18. Lapse- A minor fault.
  19. Lunge- A sudden forward thrust.
  20. Lapse- Temporary drop in standards.
  21. Lithe- Limber or agile.
  22. Lodge- Inn or hotel in rural area.
  23. Lathe- Crafting machine.

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