5 Letter Words Beginning With KA: List and Examples

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with “ka” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your word games.

  1. Kabab- A dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted on a skewer or spit.
  2. Kabar- Variant of “kabar knife,” a type of combat knife.
  3. Kabob- Variant spelling of “kebab,” skewered and grilled meat.
  4. Kacha- Urdu for raw, unripe, or undercooked.
  5. Kades- Plural of “kade,” a South Asian term for a makeshift shop.
  6. Kafir- A term used in Islam for an unbeliever or infidel.
  7. Kafka- Relating to Franz Kafka or his surreal, anxiety-producing style.
  8. Kagus- Plural of “kagu,” a bird species found in New Caledonia.
  9. Kahal- Hebrew for community or congregation.
  10. Kails- Scottish term for cabbages or greens.
  11. Kains- Scottish term for taxes or dues in kind.
  12. Kaise- A word of unclear meaning without additional context.
  13. Kakas- Informal plural of “kaka,” referring to feces in child-speak.
  14. Kakis- Plural of “kaki,” a type of persimmon or its tree.
  15. Kalam- Islamic theology concerning the study of divine speech.
  16. Kalas- Greek word for “good,” often a cheer.
  17. Kalee- A variant spelling for a deity or a figure in mystical contexts.
  18. Kales- Plural of “kale,” a type of cabbage with green or purple leaves.
  19. Kalif- Variant of “caliph,” a chief Muslim civil and religious ruler.
  20. Kalki- In Hindu mythology, an incarnation of Vishnu foretold to appear at the end of Kali Yuga.
  21. Kamas- Plural of “kama,” a weapon resembling a sickle, or desire in Sanskrit.
  22. Kamik- A type of traditional Inuit or Aleut boot made from sealskin.
  23. Kamis- Plural of “kami,” a spirit worshipped in the Shinto religion.
  24. Kampf- German for struggle or fight.
  25. Kanas- Plural of “kana,” Japanese syllabary characters.
  26. Kanji- A system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters.
  27. Kanzu- A traditional robe worn by men in the African Great Lakes region.
  28. Kapas- Hindi for cotton plants.
  29. Kapok- A light, fibrous material used for stuffing and insulation extracted from the kapok tree.
  30. Kapur- Malay and Indonesian for camphor or a type of tree producing it.
  31. Karas- Plural of “kara,” a steel bracelet worn by Sikhs as a religious symbol.
  32. Karat- A measure of the purity of gold.
  33. Karez- A traditional irrigation system of tunnels in Central Asia.
  34. Karks- Plural of “kark,” a variation in spelling for cark, which means to worry or fret.
  35. Karoo- A semidesert natural region in South Africa.
  36. Karos- Plural of “karo,” a shrub native to New Zealand.
  37. Karri- A eucalyptus species native to Australia, known for its hard wood.
  38. Karsy- Slang or colloquial for contrary, difficult, or adverse.
  39. Kasha- A type of porridge made from buckwheat groats in Eastern European cuisine.
  40. Kashi- A historical city in India, also called Varanasi.
  41. Kasme- Uncommon or a corrupted form, potentially in localized dialects.
  42. Katal- Catalytic, relating to or involving catalysts.
  43. Katey- A diminutive or pet form of the name Katherine.
  44. Kathi- Variant of “kathi,” referring to a type of Indian skewered kebab.
  45. Kauri- A type of large coniferous tree native to New Zealand.
  46. Kaury- Variant or misspelling related to kauri trees.
  47. Kavas- Plural of “kava,” a plant whose roots are used to produce a drink with sedative properties.
  48. Kawai- Brand of musical instruments, often associated with pianos and keyboards.
  49. Kawed- Past tense of a dialectical verb “kaw,” meaning to look or peer.
  50. Kayak- A lightweight canoe with a covered deck, paddled with a double-bladed paddle.
  51. Kayos- Plural of “kayo,” a knockout in boxing.
  52. Kazis- Plural of “kazi,” an official in charge of legal matters in some Asian countries.
  53. Kazoo- A musical instrument played by humming into it, which creates a buzzing sound.

This captures a broad variety of five-letter words starting with “ka” along with their meanings, encompassing diverse fields from culture and religion to biology and linguistics.

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