5 Letter Words Beginning With RA: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “ra” to expand your vocabulary and enhance your word games.

  1. Rabid- affected by rabies, furious.
  2. Racer- one who races.
  3. Racks- frames for holding things.
  4. Radii- plural of radius.
  5. Radon- a radioactive gas.
  6. Rafts- flat floating structures for transport.
  7. Raged- showed intense anger.
  8. Rages- displays of anger.
  9. Rails- bars used for support or enclosure.
  10. Rains- precipitation in the form of water droplets.
  11. Raise- to lift up.
  12. Rajah- an Indian king or prince.
  13. Rakus- variant of ruckus, a disturbance.
  14. Rally- to come together for common action.
  15. Ramps- inclined surfaces joining two levels.
  16. Ranch- a large farm for raising animals.
  17. Rands- plural of rand, a South African currency.
  18. Range- the area of variation.
  19. Ranks- rows or levels in an ordering system.
  20. Rants- speaks wildly or violently.
  21. Rapid- very quick or fast.
  22. Rarer- more uncommon.
  23. Rasae- plural of rasa, an essence or taste.
  24. Rased- demolished, scraped.
  25. Rases- destroys or erases.
  26. Rasps- harsh, grating noises.
  27. Rasta- adherent of Rastafarianism.
  28. Rated- assigned a quality or standard.
  29. Rates- amounts charged or measured.
  30. Ratio- a comparative relation between quantities.
  31. Ratty- shabby, unkempt.
  32. Raved- talked wildly or enthusiastically.
  33. Raven- large black bird or a predatory person.
  34. Raves- enthusiastic reviews.
  35. Rawly- in a raw, unrefined state.
  36. Raxed- stretched out.
  37. Raxes- stretches or reaches out.
  38. Razor- a sharp instrument for cutting, particularly hair.

This list includes a diverse range of 5-letter words starting with “ra,” providing a brief definition for each.

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