5 Letter Words Beginning with Sal: Top Examples

Discover a list of five-letter words that start with “sal,” perfect for word games and expanding your vocabulary.

  1. Salad- A dish of mixed vegetables, often including greens.
  2. Salar- Relating to a salary or payment.
  3. Sales- Transactions involving the exchange of goods for money.
  4. Salic- Pertaining to the Salian Franks or their laws.
  5. Sally- A sudden charge out of a besieged place.
  6. Salon- An establishment where a hairdresser or beautician conducts business.
  7. Salsa- A spicy sauce of tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers.
  8. Saltp- Short form for saltpeter, a common name for potassium nitrate.
  9. Salty- Containing or tasting of salt.
  10. Salve- A soothing balm or ointment for wounds.
  11. Salty- Containing or tasting of salt.
  12. Salut- A greeting in some Romance languages, like French.

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