5 Letter Words Ending in E: Tips for Word Games and Vocabulary Building

Discover a wide selection of five-letter words that end with the letter ‘e’ to enhance your vocabulary and word game skills.

  1. Abide- to follow a rule or decision.
  2. Agape- wide open, especially with surprise.
  3. Amuse- to entertain or delight.
  4. Angle- a corner where two lines meet.
  5. Anode- a positive electrode in an electrical device.
  6. Arose- past of arise, to get up.
  7. Blame- to hold responsible.
  8. Brace- support or strengthen.
  9. Brose- a type of Scottish porridge.
  10. Chafe- to rub and irritate the skin.
  11. Chime- a melodious ringing sound.
  12. Chose- past tense of choose.
  13. Close- to shut something.
  14. Crude- raw or in an unrefined state.
  15. Drive- to operate and control a vehicle.
  16. Elude- to evade or escape.
  17. False- not true or correct.
  18. Fiche- a microfilm sheet.
  19. Flame- a hot glowing body of ignited gas.
  20. Flare- to burn with a sudden intensity.
  21. Frame- a rigid structure that supports something.
  22. Glare- a fierce or angry stare.
  23. Grace- simple elegance or refinement.
  24. Guide- to assist someone directionally.
  25. Horse- a large, solid-hoofed animal.
  26. House- a building for human habitation.
  27. Inane- silly or stupid.
  28. Inure- to become used to something undesirable.
  29. Lance- a weapon with a long shaft.
  30. Lapse- a temporary failure or slip.
  31. Large- of considerable size.
  32. Lease- a contract for the use of property.
  33. Leave- to go away from.
  34. Louse- a small parasitic insect.
  35. Maple- a type of tree or its wood.
  36. Mouse- a small rodent.
  37. Nerve- a bundle of fibers transmitting impulses.
  38. Ochre- an earthy pigment.
  39. Olive- a small oval fruit.
  40. Ounce- a unit of weight.
  41. Pause- a temporary stop.
  42. Peace- freedom from disturbance.
  43. Phone- a device to transmit voices.
  44. Place- a particular position or point.
  45. Plane- a flat surface or level.
  46. Plume- a long, soft feather.
  47. Price- the amount of money expected for something.
  48. Pride- a feeling of self-esteem.
  49. Pulse- a rhythmic beating.
  50. Purse- a small bag used to carry money.
  51. Quake- to shake or tremble.
  52. Quote- to repeat words from another source.
  53. Range- the area of variation.
  54. Rouse- to awaken or excite.
  55. Sauce- a liquid addition to food for flavor.
  56. Scale- a system of ordered marks.
  57. Scope- the extent of the area or subject.
  58. Share- a portion of a larger amount.
  59. Shire- a British county.
  60. Shove- to push roughly.
  61. Since- from a past time until now.
  62. Slice- a thin, broad piece cut from something.
  63. Smoke- the visible vapor from burning.
  64. Snake- a long, legless reptile.
  65. Space- a continuous area or expanse.
  66. Spade- a tool for digging.
  67. Spine- the backbone.
  68. Spite- a desire to hurt or offend.
  69. Stage- a point, period, or step in a process.
  70. Stare- to look fixedly.
  71. State- the condition of something at a time.
  72. Stone- a small piece of rock.
  73. Stove- an appliance for cooking.
  74. Style- a manner of doing something.
  75. Suave- smoothly agreeable and polite.
  76. Table- a piece of furniture with a flat top.
  77. Taste- the sensation of flavor.
  78. Theme- a subject or topic.
  79. There- in that place.
  80. Thine- yours (archaic or poetic form).
  81. Thyme- an herb used for seasoning.
  82. Tinge- a slight trace of color.
  83. Trace- a mark or line left by something.
  84. Tribe- a group of people sharing a culture.
  85. Truce- a pause in fighting.
  86. Twine- a strong thread or string.
  87. Usage- the action of using something.
  88. Value- the worth of something.
  89. Voice- sound produced in a person’s larynx.
  90. Waste- use or expend carelessly.
  91. Water- a clear liquid essential for life.
  92. White- the color of milk or fresh snow.
  93. Whole- all of; entire.
  94. Wince- to flinch in pain or distress.
  95. Write- to form letters or words.
  96. Wrote- past tense of write.
  97. Yacht- a medium-sized sailing boat.
  98. Yield- to produce or provide.
  99. You’ve- contraction of “you have.”
  100. Zecke- a tick (type of arachnid).

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