5 Letter Words Start with A: Top Picks

Discover a wide array of five-letter words that start with the letter ‘A’ to enhance your vocabulary effortlessly.

  1. Abide- To tolerate or endure.
  2. Above- In or to a higher place.
  3. Adapt- To adjust to new conditions.
  4. Admin- Short for administration.
  5. Admit- To confess or acknowledge.
  6. Adore- To love deeply and respect highly.
  7. Adult- A fully grown person or animal.
  8. Agile- Quick and well-coordinated in movement.
  9. Alarm- A warning of danger.
  10. Alibi- A claim of being elsewhere when an incident occurred.
  11. Alloy- A mixture of metals.
  12. Alone- Without others present.
  13. Along- Moving in a constant direction or with.
  14. Amend- To change or modify for the better.
  15. Amiss- Not right; inappropriate or out of place.
  16. Among- Surrounded by; in the company of.
  17. Angel- A spiritual being or a kind person.
  18. Angry- Feeling or showing strong displeasure.
  19. Ankle- The joint connecting the foot with the leg.
  20. Antic- Funny or playful behavior.
  21. Apple- A fruit or tech company.
  22. Apply- To make a formal request.
  23. April- The fourth month of the year.
  24. Arbor- A tree or shaded area formed by plants.
  25. Arena- A place for sports or entertainments.
  26. Argue- To discuss or debate a point.
  27. Armed- Equipped with weapons.
  28. Aroma- A pleasant smell.
  29. Arose- Past tense of arise.
  30. Arrow- A pointed missile or symbol indicating direction.
  31. Ashes- The powdery residue left after burning.
  32. Aside- To one side; out of the way.
  33. Asker- One who asks a question.
  34. Asset- A useful or valuable thing or person.
  35. Audio- Sound, especially when recorded or transmitted.
  36. Audit- An official inspection of accounts.
  37. Auger- A tool for drilling holes.
  38. Aunty- Informal for aunt.
  39. Avail- Use or advantage.
  40. Avert- To turn away or prevent.
  41. Avoid- To keep away from.
  42. Awake- Not sleeping.
  43. Award- A prize or recognition.
  44. Aware- Knowing about something.
  45. Awful- Very bad or unpleasant.
  46. Azure- Bright blue in color.
  47. Abuzz- Filled with talk or excitement.
  48. Abode- A place of residence.
  49. Abide- To comply with or obey.
  50. Acrylic- A type of plastic or paint.
  51. Affix- To attach or stick.
  52. Affirm- To state as a fact.
  53. Agile- Able to move quickly and easily.
  54. Agony- Extreme physical or mental suffering.
  55. Alpha- The first letter of the Greek alphabet, also means dominant.
  56. Alter- To change or modify.
  57. Algae- Simple nonflowering plants in water.
  58. Ample- Enough or more than enough.
  59. Amuse- To entertain or make someone laugh.
  60. Anvil- A heavy steel or iron block.
  61. Ample- Sufficient or abundant in amount.
  62. Accord- Agreement or harmony.
  63. Amber- A yellowish-brown resin used in jewelry.
  64. Angle- The space between two intersecting lines.
  65. Amity- Friendly relationship.
  66. Apron- Protective garment worn while cooking.
  67. Annul- To declare invalid.
  68. Angry- Feeling or showing anger.
  69. Adder- A small venomous snake.
  70. Angst- A feeling of deep anxiety.
  71. Alloy- A metal made by combining two or more metals.
  72. Abhor- To regard with disgust.
  73. Aloud- In a voice that can be clearly heard.
  74. Alert- Watchful and prompt to meet danger.
  75. Augur- A tool for boring holes; prophet.
  76. Amuse- To entertain.
  77. Atone- To make amends or reparation.
  78. Adieu – A farewell or goodbye.
  79. Acute- Keen or sharp.
  80. Arson- The criminal act of setting fire to property.
  81. Abate- To reduce or lessen.
  82. Apnea- Temporary cessation of breathing during sleep.
  83. Alloy- A mixture of metals.
  84. Adage- A proverb or short statement.
  85. Arise- To get up from sitting or lying.
  86. Axial- Relating to or forming an axis.
  87. Aping- Mimicking or imitating.
  88. Askew- Not in a straight position.
  89. Abbot- The head of a monastery.
  90. Aspic- Savory jelly made with meat stock.
  91. Astir- In motion.
  92. Angel- A spiritual being.
  93. Alike- Similar appearance.
  94. Agile- Able to move quickly.
  95. Alien- A foreigner.
  96. Apart- Separated by a distance.
  97. Avoid- To keep away from.
  98. Amass- To accumulate or collect.
  99. Adapt- To adjust to new conditions.
  100. Aura- The distinctive atmosphere or quality.

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