5 Letter Words Start With ET: Find Your Perfect Word Match

Discover a list of five-letter words that start with “ET” and expand your vocabulary effectively.

  1. Etape- a stage in a journey or process.
  2. Etcet- abbreviation for et cetera, meaning “and other similar things.”
  3. Ethal- obsolete term related to ether.
  4. Ethic- a set of moral principles or values.
  5. Ethos- the characteristic spirit of a culture or community.
  6. Etude- a musical composition practiced as a study.
  7. Etuis- a small ornamental case for holding needles, cosmetics, and other articles.
  8. Etwee- variant of “etui,” a small decorative case.
  9. Etype- a term sometimes used in printing to refer to a type or kind.

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