5 Letter Words Start with To: List & Meanings

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “to,” helping you expand your vocabulary easily.

  1. Total- Complete; whole.
  2. Torus- A surface of revolution generated by rotating a circle.
  3. Topic- A subject or theme of discourse.
  4. Toxic- Poisonous or harmful.
  5. Torch- A portable source of light.
  6. Today- On this present day.
  7. Token- A sign or symbol.
  8. Tonic- A medicinal substance for health.
  9. Totem- An emblem or symbol, often of a group.
  10. Tough- Strong and resilient.
  11. Touch- Come into contact with.
  12. Tower- A tall, narrow building or structure.
  13. Tomey- A large, heavy book.
  14. Totem- An emblematic figure or object.
  15. Tonic- A refreshing or invigorating drink.
  16. Tools- Devices designed to perform a specific task.
  17. Torey- (Variant spelling of Torii) – a traditional Japanese gate.
  18. Toper- A habitual drinker of alcohol.
  19. Toady- A flatterer or sycophant.
  20. Topaz- A precious gemstone.
  21. Towne- (Variant spelling of town) a community.
  22. Towed- Pulled by a rope or chain.
  23. Torsi- Plural of torso, the trunk of the body.
  24. Toped- Drank alcohol, especially to excess.
  25. Toons- Animated cartoons.
  26. Toils- Hard or continuous work.
  27. Torts- Wrongs in a legal context.
  28. Tommy- A British soldier.
  29. Toque- A type of hat.
  30. Topic- A subject of discussion.
  31. Topsy- A particular style or manner.
  32. Tongs- A device for gripping or lifting.
  33. Tomes- Plural of tome, large books.
  34. Torres- Plural of torus.
  35. Tossy- Inclined to toss or throw.
  36. Tonal- Relating to tone or sound.
  37. Toked- Smoked marijuana.
  38. Topee- A light helmet made from pith.
  39. Towed- Past tense of tow.
  40. Topek- A variant spelling of topee.
  41. Toned- With a specific tone.
  42. Tonka- A toy brand.
  43. Tommy- A diminutive of Thomas.
  44. Tonic- A substance to restore health.
  45. Tommy- A familiar form of Thomas.
  46. Toils- Hard and continuous work.
  47. Tongs- A tool used to grip or lift objects.
  48. Tonic- Relates to musical tones.
  49. Toddy- An alcoholic drink.
  50. Togue- A type of freshwater fish.
  51. Toked- Inhaled marijuana smoke.
  52. Topoi- Plural form of topos, commonplaces or typical forms.

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