5 Letter Words Starting with AN: Quick Tips to Expand Your Vocabulary

Discover a list of five-letter words beginning with “an” to enhance your vocabulary and sharpen your word game skills.

  1. Ancon- Elbow or angular part.
  2. Andes- Mountain range in South America.
  3. Angel- A celestial being with spiritual significance.
  4. Anger- A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.
  5. Angle- The space between two intersecting lines or surfaces.
  6. Angst- A feeling of deep anxiety or dread.
  7. Anima- The soul, inner self, or spirit.
  8. Anion- A negatively charged ion.
  9. Anise- A plant whose seeds are used for flavoring.
  10. Ankle- The joint connecting the foot with the leg.
  11. Annal- A record of events year by year.
  12. Annex- To add or attach, especially to something larger.
  13. Annoy- To irritate or make slightly angry.
  14. Annul- To declare invalid.
  15. Anode- The positive electrode in an electrical device.
  16. Anomy- A state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown of social norms.
  17. Ansae- Plural of ansa, a loop or handle-like structure.
  18. Antae- Pillar-like structures, often at the edge of a building.
  19. Antas- A type of prehistoric dolmen or single-chamber megalithic tomb.
  20. Antic- Grotesque or bizarre.
  21. Antis- Opponents or enemies.
  22. Antra- Plural of antrum, a cavity within a body or organ.
  23. Antsy- Restless or impatient.
  24. Anvil- A heavy iron block used in forging.
  25. Anyon- A type of quasiparticle in two-dimensional systems with anyonic statistics.

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