5 Letter Words Starting With BE: Find Your Perfect Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with “be” to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Beach- a sandy or pebbly shore by a body of water
  2. Beard- hair that grows on the jaw and chin of humans, mostly men
  3. Beads- small decorative objects that are pierced for threading or stringing
  4. Beady- resembling or characteristic of beads
  5. Beaks- the bill of a bird, especially when it is strong or sharp
  6. Beams- long, sturdy pieces of squared timber or metal used to support structures
  7. Beamy- broad and beaming; resembling a beam in form or function
  8. Beans- edible seeds from various plants, used as food
  9. Beany- resembling or full of beans
  10. Bears- large mammals with shaggy hair, a snout, and clawed paws
  11. Beast- an animal, especially a large or wild one
  12. Beats- rhythmic percussion sounds or a regular thumping
  13. Beauy- a colloquial term that suggests handsomeness
  14. Beaux- plural form of beau, referring to boyfriends or male admirers
  15. Becka- a variation of the name “Becca” or short for Rebecca
  16. Becks- small streams or brooks
  17. Bedad- an exclamation similar to “by God” used in Irish English
  18. Bedel- a variant spelling of “beadle,” an official in a church or college
  19. Bedes- historical term for prayers
  20. Bedim- to make dim; obscure
  21. Bedip- not a recognized English word
  22. Bedye- to dye or stain
  23. Beedi- a thin, Indian cigarette filled with tobacco or other substances
  24. Beefs- plural for beef, which refers to the flesh of a cow used as food
  25. Beefy- resembling beef; muscular or brawny
  26. Beeps- sounds made by electronic devices as a signal or alert
  27. Beers- alcoholic beverages made from fermented cereals, notably malted barley
  28. Beets- edible root vegetables known for their deep reddish-purple color
  29. Behan- a surname; perhaps most famously associated with Irish playwright Brendan Behan
  30. Beigy- resembling the color beige
  31. Being- existing; the essence or nature of a person or thing
  32. Belay- to secure a person by attaching to a rope or anchor point
  33. Belch- to expel gas noisily from the stomach through the mouth
  34. Belee- not a recognized English word
  35. Belfa- not a recognized English word
  36. Belay- alternately spelled for securing via a rope, generally in climbing
  37. Belie- to give a false representation or impression
  38. Belle- a beautiful woman or girl; often used to describe a celebrated beauty
  39. Bells- hollow metallic devices that make sounds when struck
  40. Belly- the lower part of the body containing the digestive organs
  41. Below- in a lower place, beneath, under
  42. Belts- flexible straps or bands typically worn around the waist
  43. Bemas- raised platforms in a church or synagogue
  44. Bench- a long seat for several people, typically made of wood or metal
  45. Bends- curves or angles in something that is otherwise straight
  46. Bendy- something that bends easily; flexible
  47. Benes- plural form of bene, an informal term for a benefit
  48. Benny- a slang term for amphetamine; also a nickname
  49. Bentz- not a recognized English word
  50. Beppo- a nickname or diminutive for Giuseppe
  51. Beret- a flat, round hat of felt with a tight headband
  52. Bergs- large masses of floating ice detached from a glacier
  53. Berks- plural form of berk, a British slang term for a foolish person
  54. Berme- a variation of berm, a flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace
  55. Berry- a small, round, edible fruit
  56. Beryl- a mineral typically green in color, used as a gemstone
  57. Beset- surrounded and harassed; besieged
  58. Besom- a broom, especially one made of twigs tied around a stick
  59. Bests- outdoes or exceeds in performance
  60. Betas- the second letter of the Greek alphabet
  61. Betel- an Asian climbing plant, leaves used for chewing
  62. Betes- plural of bete, French for “beast” or an objectionable person
  63. Beths- a Hebrew letter
  64. Beton- concrete; used in construction
  65. Betso- not a recognized English word
  66. Betta- a type of small, brightly colored freshwater fish
  67. Betty- a term of endearment for a woman, also a household utensil
  68. Bevel- an edge that is canted, not forming a right angle
  69. Bevor- a piece of armor used to protect the chin and throat
  70. Bewig- to provide or adorn with a wig
  71. Bezil- a variant of bezel, the sloping edge or face on a cutting tool
  72. Bezzy- British slang for best friend

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