5 Letter Words Starting with Bo: Examples and Uses

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of five-letter words starting with “bo”.

  1. Board- A flat piece of material used for construction.
  2. Boast- To speak with excessive pride.
  3. Bonus- An extra reward given for good performance.
  4. Booth- A small enclosed space for one person.
  5. Boost- To increase or enhance.
  6. Bound- Tied or secured.
  7. Bored- Feeling weary and disinterested.
  8. Booby- A type of seabird.
  9. Bossy- Domineering or controlling.
  10. Bongo- A small drum played with hands.
  11. Bowel- The intestine, especially the lower part.
  12. Bogus- Fake or counterfeit.
  13. Bolus- A single dose of medication or a mass of substance.
  14. Boris- A given name.
  15. Boney- Resembling bones; thin.
  16. Botch- To carry out a task badly.
  17. Bonny- Attractive, beautiful.
  18. Booby- A simple or silly person.
  19. Bosom- The chest, especially of a woman.
  20. Bouse- To drink heavily.
  21. Boule- A type of cylinder-shaped ball game in France.
  22. Bower- A pleasant shady place under trees or climbing plants in a garden or wood.
  23. Boyar- A member of the old aristocracy in Russia.
  24. Boxed- Enclosed in a box.
  25. Bozon- A subatomic particle.
  26. Boner- A mistake or blunder.
  27. Boite- A nightclub or dance hall.
  28. Bonze- A Buddhist monk.
  29. Borax- A mineral used in cleaning.
  30. Boots- Durable shoes that cover the ankle and sometimes the knee.
  31. Botto- Sometimes used as slang for bottom.
  32. Bongo- A type of drum played with hands.
  33. Borne- Carried or transported.
  34. Boned- Having had the bones removed.
  35. Boart- A low-quality diamond.
  36. Bogle- A ghost or phantom.
  37. Boart- A low-quality diamond.
  38. Bores- Alludes to those who cause boredom.
  39. Boggy- Marshy, full of bogs.
  40. Bolas- Weapon made of weights on the ends of interconnected cords.
  41. Booms- Loud resonant noises.
  42. Boppy- Energetic and lively.
  43. Boned- Having had bones removed.
  44. Boney- Full of bones, thin.
  45. Bolts- Fasteners, typically metal pins or screws.
  46. Bongo- A type of drum played with hands.
  47. Boles- Tree trunks.
  48. Bonce- A British slang for head.
  49. Boked- Vomited.
  50. Booed- Shouted disapproval.
  51. Boron- A chemical element.
  52. Botts- Grubs of botflies.
  53. Boney- Resembling bones; thin.
  54. Bomas- Enclosures used in Kenya.
  55. Bonks- Hits or knocks.
  56. Bozos- Slang for foolish or incompetent people.
  57. Bonie- An old spelling of bonny.
  58. Boeuf- French word for beef.
  59. Bouya- A stronghold or tower.
  60. Bolas- A type of throwing weapon.
  61. Boros- Various compounds of boron.
  62. Boats- Watercraft.
  63. Boxes- Containers with flat sides.
  64. Books- Sets of written, printed, or blank pages fastened together.
  65. Bogey- A score, one stroke over par in golf.
  66. Boink- To hit lightly.
  67. Boite- Small restaurant or nightclub.
  68. Bowed- Bent forward.
  69. Booze- Alcoholic drink.
  70. Bongo- A type of drum.
  71. Bombs- Explosive devices.
  72. Bolus- A mass of substance especially at the dose of medication or food.
  73. Bongs- Devices used for smoke inhalation.
  74. Boils- Becomes heated till bubbling.
  75. Boned- Without bones.
  76. Borne- Carried or transported.
  77. Bonsai- A miniature tree grown in a small pot.
  78. Boron- A chemical element.
  79. Bongo- A type of drum.
  80. Bolts- Formed metal rods used to fasten objects.
  81. Bolas- South American weapon.
  82. Boles- Tree trunks.
  83. Boots- Footwear.
  84. Booth- Small compartment.
  85. Boggy- Wet and muddy.
  86. Boerw- Refers to a Dutch farmer.
  87. Boals- A type of white wine grape.
  88. Bombo- Mix of rum or gin with sugar and water.
  89. Botch- Carry out a task poorly.
  90. Boded- Was an omen of.
  91. Botsw- Affecting the skin or disease in the cattle of tropical areas.
  92. Boeing- Related to or from the aeroplane manufacturer.
  93. Booms- Deep and resonant sounds.
  94. Borks- Breaks or damages.
  95. Boxed- Put into a box.
  96. Bonks- Hits lightly.
  97. Bosse- Plural for boss.
  98. Boart- Industrial diamond.
  99. Booed- Shouted boo.
  100. Bogle- Ghost or phantom.

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