5 Letter Words Starting with Ce: Top Examples

If you’re curious about five-letter words that start with “ce,” you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Cedar- A type of coniferous tree.
  2. Ceded- Gave up power or territory.
  3. Celer- Swift or fast.
  4. Cello- A string instrument.
  5. Census- An official count or survey.
  6. Cement- A binder used in construction.
  7. Cense- To perfume with incense.
  8. Cento- A literary work made up of quotations.
  9. Cents- Plural of cent, a monetary unit.
  10. Ceros- Horned animals or substance.
  11. Certs- Plural of cert, something certain.
  12. Cense- To burn incense.
  13. Cease- To stop or come to an end.
  14. Cetti- Name of a bird (Cettiā€™s warbler).
  15. Ceded- Conceded, surrendered.
  16. Cella- Small room in a temple (classical).
  17. Cense- Use incense in a ritual.

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