5 Letter Words Starting With CO: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of five-letter words that begin with the prefix “co” to enhance your vocabulary or aid in word games.

  1. Coral- hard, colorful material made by small sea creatures
  2. Cords- ropes or thick strings
  3. Corgi- breed of dog
  4. Corny- cheesy or overly sentimental
  5. Cough- expel air from the lungs suddenly and noisily
  6. Covet- desire to possess something that belongs to another
  7. Coven- a group or gathering of witches
  8. Cover- to place something over or upon, as for protection
  9. Codec- a device or program that compresses or decompresses digital data
  10. Codex- an ancient manuscript text in book form
  11. Cooed- made a soft murmuring sound
  12. Cooky- cookie
  13. Cools- becomes or makes cool or cooler
  14. Coops- small cages or enclosures for keeping poultry
  15. Coots- a type of water bird
  16. Copay- a payment made by a beneficiary in addition to that made by an insurer
  17. Coral- a rock-like material formed by the skeletons of marine polyps
  18. Cored- removed the core of something
  19. Corer- a device for removing the core of fruit
  20. Corgi- a small, sprightly breed of dog
  21. Corks- stops for the openings of containers
  22. Corns- small, thickened areas on the skin
  23. Cornu- hornlike anatomical structure
  24. Corps- a main subdivision of an armed force in the field
  25. Corse- variant of corpse, dead body
  26. Costa- a riblike part of an animal or structure
  27. Coted- observed or noted
  28. Cotta- a short surplice worn by clerics
  29. Cotta- a long medieval cloak
  30. Coves- small coastal inlets or bays
  31. Coved- constructed in a concave shape
  32. Cower- crouch down in fear
  33. Cowed- intimidated
  34. Cowry- a type of tropical marine mollusk with a glossy shell
  35. Coxal- relating to the hip or hip joint
  36. Coxed- steered a rowboat or racing boat
  37. Cozes- cozy places or situations
  38. Coyed- acted shyly or modestly
  39. Coypu- a large, aquatic South American rodent
  40. Cozen- deceive or trick
  41. Cozes- chats or talks in an intimate manner
  42. Coyed- became shy or modest
  43. Cozen- trick or deceive
  44. Copal- a resin used in varnishes
  45. Copra- dried coconut meat for extracting oil
  46. Copse- a small group of trees
  47. Coped- managed effectively despite difficulties
  48. Copse- a thicket of small trees or bushes
  49. Copal- a type of resin used to make varnish
  50. Copra- dried kernels of coconut from which oil is obtained
  51. Copay- a payment defined in an insurance policy
  52. Corms- underground plant stems
  53. Corno- a brass wind instrument
  54. Corps- a branch of military service
  55. Corso- an Italian street or boulevard
  56. Costa- the main rib of a feather
  57. Costs- the amounts paid or charged for something
  58. Coted- marked or noted
  59. Cotta- a garment worn by clergy
  60. Cotes- shelters for animals
  61. Colic- severe abdominal pain
  62. Colon- a punctuation mark (:)
  63. Comic- funny or amusing
  64. Comma- punctuation mark indicating a pause
  65. Compo- composite material
  66. Compt- calculated or reckoned
  67. Condo- a condominium
  68. Conch- a type of sea snail
  69. Conto- a financial term in some countries
  70. Cooks- prepares food by heating
  71. Coopt- to appoint summarily or by force
  72. Cooze- a disparaging term for a woman
  73. Coped- managed or dealt with difficulties
  74. Copse- a small group of trees
  75. Copsy- resembling a copse
  76. Coral- a hard, stony substance made by marine organisms
  77. Cords- multiple line-like objects
  78. Corer- a device for coring
  79. Corgi- a type of small dog
  80. Corps- a group of persons acting together
  81. Corse- an old term for dead body
  82. Corsa- alternate term for an Italian rally
  83. Corte- an old term for court
  84. Cotes- small shelters for birds or mammals
  85. Couch- a long upholstered piece of furniture for multiple people to sit
  86. Cough- to expel air and particles from the lungs
  87. Could- past tense of can
  88. Court- a place where legal trials are held
  89. Coude- bent elbow
  90. Counts- enumerates or lists
  91. Coups- sudden, violent, and illegal seizures of power
  92. Count- to enumerate items
  93. Court- a place for legal proceedings
  94. Couth- cultured, refined, and well mannered
  95. Covar- to cover over
  96. Covey- a small flock of birds
  97. Covin- fraud or deceit among several persons
  98. Cowal- a district in Scotland
  99. Cowan- a common surname
  100. Coypu- a large aquatic rodent

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