5 Letter Words Starting with D: Your List for Quick Reference

Discover a variety of five-letter words that begin with the letter D, perfect for enhancing your vocabulary and word games.

  1. Dairy- place where milk is processed
  2. Dally- to waste time, dawdle
  3. Dance- to move rhythmically to music
  4. Dandy- someone very stylish
  5. Datum- a piece of information
  6. Daunt- to intimidate or dishearten
  7. David- a male given name
  8. Dawns- plural of dawn, the first light of day
  9. Dealt- past tense of deal, distribute
  10. Deary- term of affection
  11. Death- the end of life
  12. Debar- to exclude or prohibit
  13. Debit- an accounting entry recording a sum owed
  14. Debug- to remove errors from software
  15. Decaf- coffee with most caffeine removed
  16. Decay- the process of rotting or decomposition
  17. Decks- plural of deck, a platform in a ship or building
  18. Decor- a style of decoration
  19. Decoy- something used to lure or mislead
  20. Dedal- daedal, intricate
  21. Deeds- plural of deed, an action that is performed intentionally
  22. Deems- considers
  23. Deeps- plural of deep, extending far down
  24. Defog- to remove fog or mist
  25. Deign- do something that one considers beneath one’s dignity
  26. Dekes- deceptive moves, especially in sports
  27. Delay- to postpone
  28. Delft- a type of Dutch pottery
  29. Delis- plural of deli, a store selling cooked meats
  30. Delta- the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
  31. Denim- a type of durable cotton fabric
  32. Dense- closely packed, thick
  33. Depot- a storage site or station
  34. Depth- the distance from the top or surface to the bottom
  35. Derby- a type of horse race or hat
  36. Desks- plural of desk, a piece of furniture with a surface for writing
  37. Dewed- covered with drops of water
  38. Dhows- plural of dhow, a traditional sailing vessel
  39. Diets- plural of diet, controlled eating plan
  40. Digit- a numeral or finger/toe
  41. Dilly- delightful, excellent
  42. Dimer- a molecule consisting of two identical simpler molecules
  43. Dined- past tense of dine, ate dinner
  44. Dines- third person singular of dine, eats dinner
  45. Dingo- a wild dog native to Australia
  46. Dinky- tiny and cute
  47. Diopt- related to diopter, a unit of measure of refractive power
  48. Dippy- silly or foolish
  49. Dirty- not clean
  50. DISCS- plural of disc, a flat circular object
  51. Disks- plural of disk, a flat round plate
  52. Ditch- a narrow channel dug in the ground
  53. Ditto- the same, a duplicate
  54. Dived- past tense of dive, plunged into water
  55. Diver- someone who dives
  56. Dives- plural of dive, places to dive
  57. Dixie- the southern U.S. states
  58. Dizzy- feeling unsteady, confused
  59. Djinn- supernatural beings in Islamic and Arab folklore
  60. Dobes- plural of dobe, a type of hut or wall
  61. Dobla- a former Spanish gold coin
  62. Dodge- to avoid skillfully
  63. Doeth- archaic third person singular of do, does
  64. Dogma- a principle laid down by authority as incontrovertibly true
  65. Doing- the act of performing or executing
  66. Dojos- plural of dojo, a place for martial arts training
  67. Dolce- sweet, in music to play sweetly
  68. Dolly- a small platform on wheels
  69. Dolts- plural of dolt, a stupid person
  70. Domed- covered with a dome
  71. Donee- the recipient of a gift
  72. Donga- a dry gully in southern Africa
  73. Donor- one who donates, gives a gift
  74. Donut- a small fried cake of sweetened dough
  75. Doped- treated or impregnated with a substance
  76. Doser- a device used to administer doses
  77. Doses- plural of dose, a measured quantity of a medicine
  78. Doted- showed excessive love or fondness
  79. Doter- one who dotes
  80. Dotes- third person singular of dote, shows excessive love
  81. Dotty- somewhat mad or eccentric
  82. Double- twice as much, a duplicate
  83. Dough- a thick mixture of flour and liquid
  84. Douse- to plunge into water, drench
  85. Doves- plural of dove, a type of bird
  86. Dowdy- not stylish, drab
  87. Dowel- a peg used to join parts together
  88. Downy- covered with fine soft hairs or feathers
  89. Dowry- property or money brought by a bride to her husband
  90. Drabs- plural of drab, a dull, lifeless color
  91. Draft- a preliminary version of a piece of writing
  92. Drake- a male duck
  93. Drama- a play for theater, radio, or television
  94. Drank- past tense of drink, consumed liquids
  95. Drape- to cover or hang cloth loosely
  96. Draws- third person singular of draw, produces (a picture)
  97. Dribs- small drops or drips
  98. Dried- past tense of dry, made free from moisture
  99. Drier- comparative of dry
  100. Drill- a practice, or tool for making holes

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