5 Letter Words Starting with E: Expand Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter E that can enhance your vocabulary and assist in word games.

  1. Eager- keen or enthusiastic.
  2. Eagle- a large bird of prey.
  3. Early- happening or done before the usual time.
  4. Earth- the planet we live on.
  5. Easel- a stand for holding art while working.
  6. Eaten- past participle of eat.
  7. Eater- one who eats.
  8. Ebony- dark black wood.
  9. Eclat- brilliant display or effect.
  10. Edema- swelling caused by fluid.
  11. Edger- a tool for tidying lawn edges.
  12. Edict- an official order.
  13. Edify- to improve someone morally.
  14. Eerie- strange and frightening.
  15. Egret- a type of bird related to herons.
  16. Eight- numeral after seven.
  17. Eject- force or throw out.
  18. Elder- older or higher in rank.
  19. Elect- choose by voting.
  20. Elegy- a poem for the dead.
  21. Elfie- a selfie taken with an elf.
  22. Elide- omit a sound or syllable.
  23. Elite- a group considered superior.
  24. Elope- run away secretly to get married.
  25. Elope- run away secretly to get married.
  26. Elses- other things.
  27. Email- messages sent electronically.
  28. Ember- a small piece of burning coal.
  29. Emcee- master of ceremonies.
  30. Empty- containing nothing.
  31. Enact- make into law.
  32. Endow- give qualities or abilities.
  33. Enema- fluid injection for rectal cleansing.
  34. Enemy- a person who is actively opposed.
  35. Enjoy- take delight or pleasure in.
  36. Ennui- feeling of boredom.
  37. Ensue- happen afterward as a result.
  38. Enter- come or go into a place.
  39. Entry- an act of entering.
  40. Envoy- a representative or messenger.
  41. Epees- swords used in fencing.
  42. Ephemeral- lasting for a very short time.
  43. Epic- large and heroic narrative.
  44. Epoch- a period of time in history.
  45. Epode- a type of lyric poem.
  46. Equal- being the same in quantity or value.
  47. Equip- supply with necessary items.
  48. Erase- rub or remove.
  49. Erato- Greek muse of lyric poetry.
  50. Error- a mistake.
  51. Erupt- burst or break out suddenly.
  52. Essay- a short piece of writing on a particular subject.
  53. Ester- an organic compound.
  54. Etape- military storage location.
  55. Etude- a musical composition for practice.
  56. Event- an occurrence or an incidence.
  57. Every- all possible; each.
  58. Evict- expel from property.
  59. Evil- profound immorality and wickedness.
  60. Evoke- bring or recall to mind.
  61. Exact- not approximated in any way; accurate.
  62. Exalt- hold in very high regard.
  63. Excel- be exceptionally good at.
  64. Exert- apply or bring to bear.
  65. Exile- the state of being barred from one’s country.
  66. Exist- have being; be alive.
  67. Exits- goes out or departs from a place.
  68. Exopt- select the best.
  69. Expel- forcibly remove.
  70. Extra- added to an existing or usual amount.
  71. Exude- discharge slowly and steadily.
  72. Exult- feel or show triumphant elation.
  73. Eyrie- a large nest of an eagle or other bird of prey.

This list includes a variety of five-letter words starting with ‘E’ accompanied by their definitions.

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