5 Letter Words Starting With EA: Find Your Perfect Word Match

In this article, you’ll discover a list of five-letter words that begin with the letters “ea,” perfect for expanding your vocabulary or mastering your next word game.

  1. Eager- Keen or enthusiastic.
  2. Eagle- A large bird of prey.
  3. Eagre- A tidal flood wave.
  4. Ealed- Stored in a type of barrel (archaic).
  5. Eales- Plural of eale, a variation of ale.
  6. Eaned- Past tense of ean, meaning to bring forth young (used mainly for sheep).
  7. Eaned- A variant spelling of eaned, past tense of ean.
  8. Eards- Plural form of eard, meaning earth or soil.
  9. Early- Happening or done before the usual or expected time.
  10. Earns- Gains money in return for labor or services.
  11. Earst- A variant of erst, meaning formerly.
  12. Earth- The planet on which we live; soil or ground.
  13. Eased- Made something less severe or intense.
  14. Easel- A frame for holding art work or canvas.
  15. Eases- Third person singular form of ease, to make less severe.
  16. Easts- Plural form of east, the cardinal direction.
  17. Eaten- Past participle of eat, to have consumed food.
  18. Eater- One who consumes food.
  19. Eaved- Having eaves (the overhanging edges of a roof).
  20. Eaves- The overhanging edges of a roof.

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