5 Letter Words Starting with F: Find Your Perfect Word Match

Discover a list of five-letter words beginning with the letter ‘F’ to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Fable- a short story with a moral
  2. Faced- confronted or dealt with a situation
  3. Facer- one who faces or confronts
  4. Faces- plural for face; expressions
  5. Facet- one side of something many-sided
  6. Facts- information used as evidence
  7. Faddy- faddish, following a trend
  8. Faded- lost brightness or color
  9. Fader- a device that regulates level of sound
  10. Fades- slowly disappears or loses color
  11. Fadge- to fit or suit well
  12. Fados- plural of fado, a type of Portuguese music
  13. Faeve- dialect form of five
  14. Fagot- bundle of sticks or twigs
  15. Fails- does not succeed
  16. Faint- lacking strength or clarity
  17. Fairy- a mythical being with magical powers
  18. Faith- complete trust or confidence in someone/something
  19. Faked- pretended or simulated
  20. Faker- one who fakes
  21. Fakes- plural of fake, not genuine
  22. Fakie- a skateboarding trick
  23. Fakir- a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk
  24. Falaf- refers to falafel, a Middle Eastern food
  25. Falls- drops down, collapses
  26. False- not true, incorrect
  27. Famed- well known, celebrated
  28. Fames- plural of fame, state of being known
  29. Fancy- elaborate in structure or decoration
  30. Fanga- a type of African dance
  31. Fangs- long sharp teeth
  32. Fanks- plural of fank, a pen for sheep
  33. Fanny- a term for the buttocks
  34. Fanon- scarf worn by a pope or bishop
  35. Fards- applies cosmetics
  36. Fared- performed or made out
  37. Fares- the money a passenger has to pay
  38. Farle- a flat oat cake or bread
  39. Farms- areas of land for growing crops or raising animals
  40. Faros- plural of faro, a card game
  41. Farts- expels gas from the stomach through the rectum
  42. Fasti- records or registers
  43. Fatal- causing death
  44. Fated- destined to happen
  45. Fates- forces of destiny controlling life
  46. Fatso- a derogatory term for a fat person
  47. Fatty- containing a lot of fat
  48. Fatwa- a ruling on a point of Islamic law
  49. Fault- an unattractive or unsatisfactory feature
  50. Fauna- the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period
  51. Favas- plural of fava, a type of bean
  52. Faves- plural for favorite
  53. Fawns- young deer
  54. Fawny- like a fawn in color
  55. Faxes- sends documents via a machine
  56. Fazed- disturbed or disconcerted
  57. Fears- feelings of apprehension or dread
  58. Feast- a large meal, typically a celebration
  59. Feats- notable acts or achievements
  60. Feaze- to unravel or fray out
  61. Fecks- dialect form of effect or value
  62. Fedex- to send or ship via FedEx
  63. Feebs- weak or feeble people in slang
  64. Feeds- gives food to
  65. Feels- experiences with the senses
  66. Feeze- to drive out or agitate
  67. Feign- pretend to be affected by
  68. Feint- a deceptive or pretended blow
  69. Feist- small, lively dog
  70. Felid- any animal of the cat family
  71. Fella- informal for fellow
  72. Fells- cuts down trees
  73. Felon- a person guilty of a major crime
  74. Felts- makes into felt or compresses fibers
  75. Femur- the thigh bone
  76. Fence- enclosure or barrier for protection
  77. Fends- defends or wards off
  78. Fenny- marshy, lowland areas
  79. Feral- wild, especially after escaping from captivity
  80. Feres- companions or colleagues
  81. Fetal- related to a fetus
  82. Fetch- go for and then bring back
  83. Fetes- festivals or celebrations
  84. Fetid- having a foul odor
  85. Fetor- offensive smell
  86. Fetts- cleans or removes dirt
  87. Feuar- a long-term leaseholder in Scotland
  88. Feuds- prolonged quarrels
  89. Fever- high body temperature
  90. Fewer- lesser in number
  91. Fiats- formal authorizations or decrees
  92. Fibre- a thread or filament from which fabric is woven
  93. Fiche- a sheet of microfilm
  94. Ficus- genus of about 850 species of woody trees
  95. Fidel- person named or nicknamed Fidel
  96. Fiefs- an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service
  97. Field- an area of open land
  98. Fiend- an evil spirit or demon
  99. Fiery- consisting of fire or burning strongly
  100. Fifes- small, high-pitched, transverse aerophones

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