5 Letter Words Starting with GE: Find Your Perfect Word Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with “ge” to enhance your vocabulary and boost your word game skills.

  1. Gears- Toothed machine parts that mesh to transmit torque.
  2. Gecko- A small lizard known for its ability to climb smooth surfaces.
  3. Geeks- People who are very interested and skilled in technical or intellectual subjects.
  4. Geese- Large waterbirds with a long neck and webbed feet.
  5. Gelds- To castrate an animal, especially a horse.
  6. Genes- Units of heredity that contribute to a person’s traits and characteristics.
  7. Genet- A small African mammal with spotted fur, similar to a civet.
  8. Genic- Relating to genes or genetics.
  9. Genii- Plural form of genie, a spirit or guardian.
  10. Genip- A tropical American tree or its sweet, edible fruit.
  11. Genre- A category or type of art, music, or literature.
  12. Gents- Informal term for gentlemen.
  13. Genua- Plural form of genu, referring to the knee or a knee-like angle.
  14. Germs- Microorganisms, especially those that cause disease.
  15. Gesso- A white paint mixture used as a base for artwork.
  16. Gests- Actions or deeds, historically used in the context of heroic poetry.
  17. Getup- Outfit or costume.
  18. Gevur- Alternate form of gevurah; in Jewish mysticism, it represents strength or judgment.
  19. Geoid- The shape of the earth, resembling a slightly flattened sphere.
  20. Gerah- An ancient Hebrew unit of weight or currency.
  21. Gesso- A plaster or paint mixture used in art for preparing surfaces.
  22. Gelid- Very cold, icy.
  23. Gemmy- Resembling or full of gems; shiny or sparkly.
  24. Geste- Gesture or action, often used in historical or literary contexts.
  25. Geums- A genus of about 50 species of rhizomatous herbaceous plants in the rose family.
  26. Gexes- (Slang) A fictional term, not commonly recognized in standard dictionaries.
  27. Gelds- Makes animals, such as horses, unable to reproduce by surgery.
  28. Gelee- A type of chilled dessert made from flavored gelatin.
  29. Germy- Full of germs or bacteria; likely to spread disease.
  30. Geist- German word for spirit or ghost, often used in philosophical contexts.
  31. Gelds- Alternates or variations in the form or spelling of the verb to geld.
  32. Gelts- Money, often in the context of small amounts; can also refer to gold coins or chocolate coins used during Hanukkah.
  33. Geeps- Plural of gEEP, a hybrid animal crossbred between a goat and a sheep.
  34. Gewur- Not found in standard reference works as a recognized English word.
  35. Geets- Not commonly recognized in English; could be a misspelling or regional dialect form.

This is the exhaustive list of 5-letter words starting with “ge,” each accompanied by a brief definition.

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