5 Letter Words Starting with Ha: Top Picks

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that begin with “ha.

  1. Habit- A regular practice or routine.
  2. Happy- Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
  3. Harsh- Unpleasantly rough or jarring to the senses.
  4. Hasty- Done or acting with excessive speed.
  5. Harbor- A place on the coast where ships may moor.
  6. Hatch- To open and produce young from an egg.
  7. Hardy- Capable of enduring difficult conditions.
  8. Hater- A person who dislikes intensely.
  9. Haunt- To visit frequently or pervade.
  10. Hasty- Done quickly without careful consideration.
  11. Haute- Fashionably elegant or high-class.
  12. Hovel- A small, squalid, unpleasant dwelling.
  13. Handy- Convenient to handle or use; useful.
  14. Harry- To persistently harass.
  15. Haloes- Circular bands of light around objects.
  16. Happy- Having a sense of being content and joyful.
  17. Hazed- Subjected to oppressive and repetitive demands.
  18. Hazel- A tree or shrub with edible nuts.
  19. Hatch- To emerge from an egg.
  20. Harem- A group of females associated with one male.
  21. Halve- To divide into two equal parts.
  22. Haste- Speed or urgency of movement or action.
  23. Haven- A place of safety or refuge.
  24. Harpy- A mythical creature with a woman’s head and bird’s body.
  25. Hawed- Uttered a hesitation sound.
  26. Haler- Being in good health.
  27. Hangs- Suspends from above.
  28. Harks- Listens attentively.
  29. Havoc- Widespread destruction and chaos.
  30. Hawse- The part of a ship where the anchor cable passes through.
  31. Haply- By chance or accident.
  32. Hardy- Robust, capable of enduring hardship.
  33. Haiku- A traditional form of Japanese poetry.
  34. Harem- The women’s quarters in a Muslim household.
  35. Hated- Intensely disliked.
  36. Happy- Feeling pleasure or joy.
  37. Happy- Showing contentment.
  38. Hatch- An opening, typically used in a ship or aircraft.
  39. Hare- A fast running, long-eared mammal.
  40. Hater- A person who expresses extreme dislike.
  41. Hailo- Brand name for a taxi app.
  42. Halos- Plural of halo; circles of light.
  43. Handy- Easily used or accessible.
  44. Hangs- Dangles from above.
  45. Harps- Plays a stringed musical instrument.
  46. Harks- Attentively listens.
  47. Haste- Urgent speed or effort.
  48. Haunt- Frequently visit or trouble.
  49. Happy- Enjoying perfect happiness
  50. Harms- Causes damage or injury.
  51. Hazer- One who imposes strenuous or humiliating tasks.
  52. Hairst- Regional term for autumn or harvest.
  53. Hared- Ran quickly in fear or excitement.
  54. Havel- A small enclosing wall or structure.
  55. Halts- Stops or brings to a stop.
  56. Harper- A musician who plays the harp.
  57. Hasty- Acting with undue speed.
  58. Hayers- Plural of hayer, someone engaged in making hay.
  59. Havoc- Great destruction or chaos.
  60. Halos- Rings of light.
  61. Happy- Satisfied and contented.
  62. Hauls- Pulls or drags with effort.
  63. Hazer- One who subjects newcomers to difficult, humiliating tasks.
  64. Harts- Plural of hart, a stag.
  65. Havas- A global advertising and communications company.
  66. Hayed- Gathered and stored hay.
  67. Hariz- A given name of Arabic origin.
  68. Hazes- Thin clouds or misty conditions.
  69. Happy- Cheerfully contented.
  70. Halts- Stops quickly or suddenly.
  71. Hardy- Sturdy, resilient.
  72. Halve- Divide into two.
  73. Harpy- A predatory person or creature.
  74. Harts- Male deer.
  75. Hears- Perceives sound.
  76. Harts- Plural of hart.
  77. Hazes- Becomes misty.
  78. Harsh- Rough or severe.
  79. Harold- A given name.
  80. Harry- Harass, annoy.
  81. Hangs- Suspends.
  82. Hayer- One who makes hay.
  83. Hater- One who hates.
  84. Hayed- Cut and dried grass.
  85. Happy- Full of joy.
  86. Hazed- Harassed newcomers.
  87. Hauls- Transports goods.
  88. Hazer- One who hazes.
  89. House- A building for human habitation.
  90. Harts- Stags.
  91. Hayer- A farm worker dealing with hay.
  92. Halos- Optical phenomena.
  93. Hearts- Organs or symbols of love.
  94. Happy- Cheerful and optimistic.
  95. Harps- Instruments with strings.
  96. Harem- Group of female animals.
  97. Hasty- Hurried or rash.
  98. Halo- Circle of light.
  99. Hatch- To emerge from an egg.
  100. Hardly- Barely or scarcely.

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