5 Letter Words Starting with He: Top Examples

If you’re looking for five-letter words that start with “he,” you’ll find a useful list of options here to enhance your vocabulary or word games.

  1. Heavy- Weighty or burdensome
  2. Heart- Central organ of the circulatory system
  3. Heard- Perceived sound by ear
  4. Heap- Pile of objects
  5. Hears- Listens to
  6. Heath- An area of open uncultivated land
  7. Hedge- A boundary formed by closely growing shrubs
  8. Helix- Spiral shape
  9. Herbs- Plants used for flavoring or medicinal purposes
  10. Heist- A robbery or theft
  11. Helot- A serf or slave in ancient Sparta
  12. Hello- A greeting
  13. Hero- A person admired for bravery or achievements
  14. Herb- Singular of herbs, used for plants
  15. Hears- Listens attentively
  16. Hexed- Cursed or bewitched
  17. Heter- Slang for heterosexual
  18. Hetch- To fetch or get something
  19. Heigh- Old exclamation for calling attention
  20. Helve- Handle of a tool or weapon
  21. Hemps- Plural of hemp, a strong fiber
  22. Helle- Related to Hell, capitalized is mythological
  23. Hefts- Lifts or carries something heavy
  24. Heads- The top part of the body or object
  25. Heels- The back part of the feet
  26. Henna- A reddish-brown dye
  27. Helms- Steers or directs, especially a ship
  28. Heron- Long-legged water bird
  29. Hefes- Plural of hefe, type of yeast

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