5 Letter Words Starting with K: Enhance Your Vocabulary Easily

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with the letter “K” to enhance your vocabulary and aid in word games.

  1. Kabob- A dish of skewered and grilled meat or vegetables.
  2. Kachs- Plural of kach, a traditional garment in some cultures.
  3. Kales- Plural of kale, a type of cabbage with green or purple leaves.
  4. Kames- Plural of kame, a geological feature formed by sediment.
  5. Kapas- Cotton fibers.
  6. Kapok- A silky fiber from the seed pods of the kapok tree.
  7. Karas- Plural of kara, a bracelet.
  8. Karma- The sum of a person’s actions in Hinduism and Buddhism, determining their fate.
  9. Kasha- Toasted buckwheat groats.
  10. Karen- Plural of kare, a unit of weight in some countries.
  11. Katas- Plural of kata, a detailed choreographed pattern of martial arts movements.
  12. Kaons- Subatomic particles.
  13. Kauri- A type of tree found in New Zealand.
  14. Kayak- A small, narrow watercraft propelled with a double-bladed paddle.
  15. Keith- A male given name.
  16. Keeps- Present tense of keep; maintains or guards.
  17. Keepy- A term used in games; to keep something up in the air.
  18. Kemps- Coarse animal fibers or hairs.
  19. Kempt- Maintained in a tidy state.
  20. Kenaf- A fiber plant related to cotton.
  21. Kendo- A modern Japanese martial art using bamboo swords.
  22. Kerbs- Plural of kerb, an edge between a sidewalk and roadway.
  23. Kerne- Corn kernels.
  24. Kerns- Soldiers of light infantry.
  25. Ketch- A two-masted sailing vessel.
  26. Ketel- A variant of kettles.
  27. Kevel- A strong cleat on a ship for securing lines.
  28. Keyed- Fitted with keys or adjusted to a key.
  29. Khafs- Plural of khaf, a letter in the Arabic script.
  30. Khaki- A light brown color used in military uniforms.
  31. Khans- Plural of khan, a title of respect.
  32. Kicks- Plural of kick, to strike with the foot.
  33. Kiddo- A friendly form of address, especially for a child.
  34. Kidel- A fish trap.
  35. Kidon- A knife or small dagger.
  36. Kilim- A flat woven carpet or tapestry.
  37. Kills- Plural of kill, to cause the death of.
  38. Kilns- Plural of kiln, an oven used for firing pottery.
  39. Kilos- Plural of kilo, a unit of weight.
  40. Kilts- Plural of kilt, a type of skirt originating in Scotland.
  41. Kimbo- Arms akimbo means hands on hips.
  42. Kinds- Plural of kind, a category or variety.
  43. Kings- Plural of king, a male monarch.
  44. Kinks- Plural of kink, a twist or curl.
  45. Kinky- Having kinks or involving unusual sexual preferences.
  46. Kinos- Plural of kino, resin from some trees used as medicine.
  47. Kirks- Churches, especially in Scotland.
  48. Kited- Manipulated financial documents for illicit gain.
  49. Kites- Plural of kite, a flying device.
  50. Kithe- Make known or visible.
  51. Kiths- Friends and acquaintances.
  52. Kivas- Chambers, part of Puebloan structures for ceremonies.
  53. Klaps- Strikes or hits.
  54. Klick- Slang for kilometer.
  55. Kluge- A clumsy or inelegant solution.
  56. Knack- An acquired or natural skill.
  57. Knaps- Strikes lightly or quickly.
  58. Knaur- A knot or burl on a tree.
  59. Knees- Plural of knee, the joint between the thigh and lower leg.
  60. Kneel- To go down on one’s knees.
  61. Knell- The sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly for a death.
  62. Knelt- Past tense of kneel.
  63. Knew- Past tense of know; was aware of.
  64. Knits- Plural of knit; interlocks loops of yarn with needles.
  65. Knobs- Plural of knob, a rounded handle or control.
  66. Knock- To strike something to cause a noise.
  67. Knoll- A small natural hill.
  68. Knots- Plural of knot, a fastening made by looping and tightening a rope.
  69. Known- Past participle of know; recognized or understood.
  70. Knurl- To provide a surface with small ridges.
  71. Koala- An arboreal Australian marsupial.
  72. Kobos- Plural of kobo, a unit of currency in Nigeria.
  73. Kochi- A variety of sea bass.
  74. Kodak- A brand name historically associated with photography.
  75. Kohls- Plural of kohl, a powder used as eyeliner.
  76. Kojin- A specific individual or kin.
  77. Kolas- Plural of kola, a caffeine-containing nut.
  78. Kolos- Plural of kolo, a type of traditional dance.
  79. Konks- Slangs for hits or punches.
  80. Konti- Plural of kont, a term of endearment.
  81. Kophs- Plural of koph, a Hebrew measure.
  82. Korun- A monetary unit in Czech Republic.
  83. Kotos- Plural of koto, a traditional Japanese stringed instrument.
  84. Kraft- Strong paper or cardboard.
  85. Krebs- Plural of kreb, an old term for a crayfish.
  86. Kreng- A decayed whale carcass.
  87. Kremlin- A Russian citadel.
  88. Kudzu- An invasive climbing plant.
  89. Kudos- Praise or honor.
  90. Kuris- Plural of kuri, a type of knife.
  91. Kusso- An anthelmintic medicine.
  92. Kvass- A traditional Slavic and Baltic beverage made from rye bread.
  93. Kwela- A style of South African music.
  94. Kyaks- Plural of kyak, a variant of kayak.
  95. Kyars- Plural of kyar, a unit of measure.
  96. Kyats- Plural of kyat, the currency of Myanmar.
  97. Kylix- A type of ancient Greek drinking cup.
  98. Kynde- An alternative spelling of kind, showing a type.
  99. Kyrie- A Christian liturgical invocation.
  100. Kytes- Plural of kyte, a term for the stomach.

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