5 Letter Words Starting With La: Find Your Perfect Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “la” that can enhance your vocabulary and aid in word games.

  1. Label- A tag or marker.
  2. Laced- Tied with a lace.
  3. Laces- Cords or strings for tying.
  4. Lacks- Is missing or does not have.
  5. Laded- Loaded or burdened.
  6. Laden- Carrying a load or burden.
  7. Lades- Loads or fills.
  8. Ladle- A large long-handled spoon.
  9. Laity- Lay people collectively.
  10. Laked- Filled with lakes.
  11. Lakes- Large bodies of water.
  12. Lamas- Buddhist monks.
  13. Lambs- Young sheep.
  14. Lamed- Made lame.
  15. Lamer- More lame.
  16. Lames- Weakens or disables.
  17. Lance- A spearlike weapon.
  18. Lanes- Narrow roads or paths.
  19. Lanky- Tall and thin.
  20. Lapel- Part of a garment below the collar.
  21. Lapin- Rabbit fur.
  22. Lapis- A deep blue mineral, lapis lazuli.
  23. Lapse- A temporary failure.
  24. Larch- A type of coniferous tree.
  25. Lards- Fatty substance for cooking.
  26. Lardy- Relating to lard.
  27. Large- Big in size or amount.
  28. Largo- A slow musical tempo.
  29. Laris- Currency units in Georgia.
  30. Larva- The immature form of an insect.
  31. Lased- Used a laser.
  32. Laser- A device that emits light.
  33. Lases- Uses a laser.
  34. Lasso- A rope with a loop.
  35. Lasts- Remains or endures.
  36. Latch- A fastening or lock.
  37. Lated- Delayed or belated.
  38. Laten- Made late.
  39. Later- Subsequent in time.
  40. Latex- A milky fluid from plants.
  41. Lathe- A machine for shaping wood or metal.
  42. Laths- Thin strips of wood.
  43. Latke- A pancake, particularly of potato.
  44. Latte- Coffee made with hot milk.
  45. Laugh- Make sounds expressing amusement.
  46. Lauks- [No definition found].
  47. Laura- A series of small monastic cells.
  48. Laved- Washed or bathed.
  49. Laver- A basin for washing.
  50. Laves- Washes or bathes.
  51. Lawed- Imposed by law.
  52. Lawns- Areas of mowed grass.
  53. Lawny- Covered with lawn.
  54. Laxer- More lax or lenient.
  55. Laxes- Laxatives; substances that loosen stools.
  56. Laxly- In a lax manner.
  57. Layer- Something lying over or under something.
  58. Layin- Act of putting something in.
  59. Layup- Basketball move near the basket.
  60. Lazar- A person afflicted with leprosy.

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