5 Letter Words Starting with LO: Find Your Perfect Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words starting with “lo” to enhance your vocabulary and improve your word games.

  1. Local- related to a specific area or region
  2. Locus- a central or focal point
  3. Lodge- a small house or shelter
  4. Lodes- plural of lode, a rich source or supply
  5. Lofty- very high or noble
  6. Logos- symbols or designs representing an organization
  7. Loyal- showing firm support or allegiance
  8. Loamy- consisting of loam, a fertile type of soil
  9. Lobed- having lobes (rounded projections or divisions)
  10. Lobes- plural of lobe, a rounded projection or division
  11. Loess- a type of fine, wind-blown sediment
  12. Lofts- plural of loft, upper room or floor in a building
  13. Logan- a type of rocking stone
  14. Logic- rational thinking or reasoning
  15. Login- act of logging in, entering a system or service
  16. Logia- sayings or teachings, especially of Jesus
  17. Loggy- marshy or swampy
  18. Looey- colloquial term for lieutenant
  19. Loops- plural of loop, a curved or circular shape or path
  20. Loopy- containing or full of loops; crazy, silly
  21. Loose- not tight or restrained
  22. Looks- plural of look, visual appearances
  23. Looms- plural of loom, machines for weaving textile
  24. Loons- plural of loon, a type of aquatic bird
  25. Loots- plural of loot, goods stolen or taken by force
  26. Loped- walked or moved with a long bounding stride
  27. Loper- someone who lopes, moves with a long bounding stride
  28. Lopes- plural of lope, a long bounding stride
  29. Loopy- silly or crazy
  30. Loord- old term, likely misspelling or variant of “lord”
  31. Looed- visited the bathroom/toilet (British slang)
  32. Loopy- dizzy or disoriented; eccentric
  33. Loops- plural of loop, a shape produced by a curve that bends around and crosses itself
  34. Loopt- past tense of loop, formed into a curve or circle
  35. Looms- plural of loom, an apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn or thread
  36. Looks- plural of look, the act of looking; visual appearances
  37. Loomy- resembling a loom, or possibly gloomy and dim
  38. Loofa- variant of loofah, a scrubbing sponge made from a cucumber-like plant
  39. Loofs- plural form of loof, old maritime term referring to the palm or flat part of a hand
  40. Loove- unclear, possibly an obsolete or dialect form
  41. Looie- colloquial term for lieutenant (military rank)
  42. Looby- a clumsy or stupid person, from archaic slang
  43. Loofs- plural of loof, an old nautical term referring to the palm of the hand
  44. Loord- likely a misspelling or obscure term, not widely recognized
  45. Loove- not a recognized standard English word, could be a misspelling or local dialect form

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