5 Letter Words Starting with Ni List

Discover a comprehensive list of common five-letter words that start with “ni.

  1. Niche- A comfortable or suitable position in life.
  2. Niger- A country in West Africa.
  3. Nifty- Particularly good, clever, or useful.
  4. Niece- A daughter of one’s brother or sister.
  5. Niner- Slang for the number nine or a person affiliated with the number nine.
  6. Nival- Pertaining to or living in snow.
  7. Nills- Refuses to, or will not.
  8. Ninny- A foolish or dumb person.
  9. Nitch- A dialect version of niche.
  10. Ninja- A person skilled in ninjutsu
  11. Ninon- A fine, sheer fabric, often used for curtains or women’s clothing.
  12. Nizam- The title of the ruler of Hyderabad in India.
  13. Nites- Plural for night, often used in poetic or casual contexts.

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