5 Letter Words Starting with O: Find Your Perfect Match

Discover a diverse list of five-letter words starting with the letter “O” to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Ocean- large body of saltwater
  2. Ochre- earthy pigment ranging from yellow to deep orange or brown
  3. Octal- numeral system with base eight
  4. Odder- more unusual or strange
  5. Oddly- in a peculiar or strange manner
  6. Offal- internal organs of butchered animals
  7. Offer- present for acceptance or rejection
  8. Often- frequently, many times
  9. Ogled- stared at in a blatant manner
  10. Ogler- one who stares at others openly
  11. Ogles- stares openly at someone
  12. Oiled- applied oil to, made smooth or glossy with oil
  13. Oiler- a ship equipped to carry oil
  14. Oinks- sounds made by pigs
  15. Olive- small oval fruit or the tree it grows on
  16. Omens- events seen as portents of future good or evil
  17. Omit- leave out or exclude
  18. Oncet- nonstandard for “once,” typically in dialect
  19. Onion- bulb used as a vegetable, pungent in taste
  20. Onset- the beginning or start
  21. Ontic- relating to entities and their existence
  22. Oozed- flowed out slowly
  23. Oozes- flows out slowly
  24. Opals- gemstones made from hydrated silica
  25. Opens- makes accessible or available
  26. Opera- dramatic work set to music for singers and instrumentalists
  27. Opine- to express an opinion
  28. Opted- made a choice or decision
  29. Optic- pertaining to the eye or vision
  30. Orals- spoken, not written examinations
  31. Orate- speak in a formal manner
  32. Orbit- curved path of one object around another in space
  33. Orcas- large predatory marine mammals, also called killer whales
  34. Order- arrange methodically or command
  35. Organ- musical instrument with keyboards or body part with specific function
  36. Oriel- large window or bay window
  37. Orlop- lowest deck in a ship, often below the waterline
  38. Ornis- the birds of a particular region
  39. Osier- a type of willow used for basketry
  40. Other- different, alternative
  41. Otter- a carnivorous mammal with webbed feet
  42. Ought- indicates duty or correctness
  43. Ounce- unit of weight
  44. Outdo- surpass in performance
  45. Outer- located on the outside
  46. Outgo- amount of money spent
  47. Outre- bizarre, unconventional
  48. Ovals- shapes resembling a flattened circle
  49. Ovate- egg-shaped, broader at the base
  50. Ovens- appliances for baking or roasting food
  51. Overs- too much of something
  52. Overt- not hidden, openly displayed
  53. Ovine- pertaining to sheep
  54. Owing- due to be paid
  55. Owned- possessed by someone
  56. Owner- a person who owns something
  57. Owl’s- possessive form of owl
  58. Oxide- a compound of oxygen with another element
  59. Oxids- plural of oxide
  60. Ozone- a form of oxygen with three atoms per molecule, present in the atmosphere

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