5 Letter Words Starting with Pa: Top Examples

In this article, you will discover a variety of five-letter words that begin with “pa” to boost your vocabulary.

  1. Paces- Steps or strides.
  2. Pacer- A horse or person that walks at a steady speed.
  3. Pacey- Moving quickly.
  4. Packs- Bundles of items wrapped together.
  5. Paddy- Informal term for a tantrum; rice field.
  6. Padle- Small boat (variant of paddock).
  7. Padis- Plural of paddy.
  8. Palas- A type of tree.
  9. Paler- Less bright or vivid in color.
  10. Pales- Makes less bright; stakes used in fences.
  11. Palls- Becomes less interesting due to familiarity.
  12. Palm- The inner surface of the hand; a type of tree.
  13. Palmy- Prosperous or flourishing.
  14. Palps- Appendages near the mouth of some invertebrates.
  15. Palsy- Paralysis, often with tremors.
  16. Pampa- A vast grassy plain in South America.
  17. Paned- Fitted with panes of glass.
  18. Panel- A flat board or section.
  19. Pangs- Sudden sharp pains.
  20. Panic- Sudden uncontrollable fear.
  21. Pansy- A type of flower.
  22. Panto- Short for pantomime.
  23. Pants- Trousers.
  24. Papal- Relating to the Pope.
  25. Papes- Short for papers.
  26. Papas- Fathers.
  27. Paper- Material for writing.
  28. Parer- Tool for peeling fruits/vegetables.
  29. Pares- Trims something by cutting away outer edges.
  30. Pareu- A wraparound skirt.
  31. Paris- Capital of France.
  32. Parry- Deflect or block an attack.
  33. Parses- Analyzes into parts.
  34. Parts- Distinct components.
  35. Party- Social gathering.
  36. Pasha- High-ranking official in Ottoman Empire.
  37. Paseo- A leisurely walk.
  38. Pasts- Time periods that have already occurred.
  39. Pasta- Noodles made from flour and water.
  40. Paste- Thick, soft mixture for sticking.
  41. Pasts- Periods or events before the present.
  42. Patch- A small piece of material used to cover.
  43. Patly- Aptly or suitably.
  44. Paten- Plate used in Eucharistic services.
  45. Pater- Father.
  46. Patho- Referring to disease.
  47. Patio- Outdoor space for dining or recreation.
  48. Patis- Relating to skates.
  49. Patka- Small turban.
  50. Patly- Appropriately or suitably.
  51. Patte- Chicken wing.
  52. Patty- Small flat cake of food.
  53. Pauas- Large edible mollusks.
  54. Paved- Covered with concrete or asphalt.
  55. Paver- Stone or block used in paving.
  56. Paves- Constructs a hard surface.
  57. Pawed- Touched clumsily.
  58. Pawer- One who touches; an animal’s foot.
  59. Paxes- Symbol of peace.
  60. Pawls- Devices preventing reverse movement.
  61. Payer- One who pays.
  62. Payee- One who receives payment.
  63. Paying- Rendering money in exchange for goods.
  64. Payor- Another form of payer.
  65. Pazaz- Energetic style; zest.
  66. Pazes- Plural form of paz.
  67. Pabos- A lesser-known surname.
  68. Pagal- Hindi word for crazy.
  69. Pagri- Traditional headwear in Indian subcontinent.
  70. Paipe- Rare, older variant of pipe.
  71. Paitz- Surname or rare variant.
  72. Pajon- Type of lightweight fabric.
  73. Palki- Traditional Indian or Pakistani palanquin.
  74. Palke- Plural of palki.
  75. Panen- Rare variation name.
  76. Panes- Plural of pane.
  77. Panga- Large African river fish.
  78. Pannu- Surname.
  79. Panne- Variant fabric.
  80. Panti- Type of clothing.
  81. Party- A social gathering.
  82. Pazes- Rare, secondary plural form.
  83. Patin- Ice skate.

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