5 Letter Words Starting With PI: Find Your Perfect Match

Discover a variety of five-letter words that begin with “pi” in this informative article.

  1. Pians- Plural of pian.
  2. Pibal- A pilot balloon.
  3. Picas- Plural for pica, a unit of type size.
  4. Pical- Relating to pitch.
  5. Picas- Plural of pica, a disorder characterized by eating non-food materials.
  6. Picks- Plural of pick, to choose or to use a tool for breaking or digging.
  7. Picky- Fussy or hard to please.
  8. Picot- A looped decorative edging on lace or ribbon.
  9. Picra- A medicine made from aloes.
  10. Picul- A unit of weight used in some parts of Asia, approximately equal to 60 kilograms.
  11. Piece- A part of something.
  12. Piend- To trouble or oppress.
  13. Piers- Plural of pier, a structure projecting into water.
  14. Pieta- A representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the dead body of Christ.
  15. Piety- The quality of being religious or reverent.
  16. Piggy- Resembling or relating to a pig.
  17. Pikas- Plural of pika, a small mammal related to rabbits.
  18. Piked- To have pointed.
  19. Piker- A gambler who makes only small bets.
  20. Pikes- Plural of pike, a type of long-handled weapon.
  21. Pilaf- A dish made of seasoned rice and often meat.
  22. Pilar- Relating to hair.
  23. Pilau- An alternative spelling for pilaf.
  24. Pilea- A genus of small, tropical plants.
  25. Piled- To have stacked up.
  26. Piles- Plural of pile, a heap or stack.
  27. Pilis- Plural for pilus, a hair-like appendage on microscopic organisms.
  28. Pills- Small tablets containing medicine.
  29. Pilot- One who steers a ship or airplane.
  30. Pimas- Plural for Pima, a member of a Native American people.
  31. Pimps- Plural of pimp, one who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them.
  32. Pinas- Plural form of pina, a type of fabric.
  33. Pinch- To grip tightly or to compress.
  34. Pined- To have longed for.
  35. Pines- Plural for pine, a type of evergreen tree.
  36. Piney- Resembling or characteristic of pine.
  37. Pingo- A hill formed by groundwater freezing.
  38. Pinks- A type of flower, or light red colors.
  39. Pinny- A type of apron.
  40. Pinot- A variety of grape used in wine-making.
  41. Pinta- A contagious skin disease.
  42. Pinto- Mottled or spotted.
  43. Pints- Plural for pint, a measure of capacity.
  44. Pinup- A photograph or poster of a person considered to be visually appealing, displayed on a wall.
  45. Pions- Plural for pion, a meson found in cosmic radiation.
  46. Pipal- A fig tree native to India.
  47. Piped- To have conveyed by pipe.
  48. Piper- A musician who plays the pipe.
  49. Pipes- Plural of pipe, a tube used to transport fluids.
  50. Pipet- A tool for measuring or transferring small amounts of liquid.
  51. Pique- A feeling of irritation or resentment.
  52. Pirns- Plural for pirn, a weavers’ bobbin.
  53. Pisco- A type of grape brandy produced in Peru and Chile.
  54. Piste- A ski trail.
  55. Pitas- Plural for pita, a type of flatbread.
  56. Pitch- To throw or the tar-like substance used in waterproofing.
  57. Piths- Plural for pith, the essential part or core.
  58. Pithy- Concise and forcefully expressive.
  59. Piton- A metal spike used for climbing.
  60. Pitot- A type of tube used in aircrafts to measure fluid flow velocity.
  61. Pivot- The central point around which something rotates or balances.
  62. Pixel- The smallest discrete component of an image or display.
  63. Pixes- Plural for pix, a variant of pyx, which is a container used in religious ceremonies.
  64. Pixie- A mythical creature resembling a fairy.
  65. Pizes- Plural for pize, an alternative spelling of prize.

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