5 Letter Words Starting with Pla: Quick List

If you’re looking for five-letter words starting with “pla,” you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Place- A particular position or point in space.
  2. Plait- A braid, especially of hair or straw.
  3. Plain- Simple or ordinary in character.
  4. Plank- A long, thin, flat piece of timber.
  5. Plant- A living organism that grows in soil.
  6. Plate- A flat dish, typically circular and of metal or ceramic.
  7. Plato- Ancient Greek philosopher.
  8. Plage- A beach or seashore.
  9. Plash- A pool of water or the sound it makes when splashed.
  10. Plait- (variant of ‘plait’) A braid or fold in something.

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