5 Letter Words Starting with Qu: Full List

Looking for five-letter words that start with “qu”?

  1. Quack- The sound a duck makes.
  2. Quail- A small, ground-dwelling bird.
  3. Quake- To shake or tremble.
  4. Qualm- A feeling of unease or doubt.
  5. Quart- A unit of liquid capacity.
  6. Quartz- A hard mineral, often found in crystal form.
  7. Quash- To suppress or put an end to.
  8. Quasi- Resembling or seeming.
  9. Queen- A female sovereign or ruler.
  10. Queer- Strange or odd.
  11. Query- A question or inquiry.
  12. Quest- A search or pursuit.
  13. Queue- A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn.
  14. Quick- Fast or speedy.
  15. Quiet- Making little or no noise.
  16. Quilt- A bed covering made of two layers of fabric stitched together.
  17. Quint- A set of five.
  18. Quite- To a considerable extent; very.
  19. Quirk- A peculiar behavior or trait.
  20. Quota- A fixed share or limit.
  21. Quote- To repeat words from a text or speech.
  22. Quoth- Said (used in archaic or literary context).
  23. Qubit- A basic unit of quantum information.

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