5 Letter Words Starting With Re: Uncover New Vocabulary

Discover a variety of five-letter words that start with “re” to enhance your vocabulary and word game strategies.

  1. Reach- to extend or stretch out towards something.
  2. React- to respond or behave in response to something.
  3. Ready- prepared for immediate action or use.
  4. Realm- a kingdom or a field or domain of activity.
  5. Rebar- reinforcing bar used in concrete.
  6. Rebus- a puzzle where words are represented by pictures.
  7. Recap- summarize the main points of an event or group of facts.
  8. Recur- to occur again or repeatedly.
  9. Redox- a chemical reaction involving the reduction and oxidation processes.
  10. Redub- to dub again or differently.
  11. Reeve- an administrative officer of a town or district.
  12. Refit- to repair or restore, or replace necessary equipment.
  13. Refry- to fry again.
  14. Regal- pertaining to, or suitable for a king; royal.
  15. Rehab- a course of treatment for drug or alcohol dependency.
  16. Reify- to turn an abstract idea into something concrete.
  17. Relay- a race in which several team members take turns running parts of a circuit.
  18. Relic- an object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest.
  19. Remap- to map again or differently.
  20. Remit- to cancel or refrain from exacting or inflicting.
  21. Remex- one of the large flight feathers of a bird’s wing.
  22. Renew- to resume after an interruption.
  23. Repay- to make return for; pay back.
  24. Repel- to drive or force back; to resist effectively.
  25. Reply- to respond to a query or remark.
  26. Resaw- to saw again.
  27. Reset- to set again or differently.
  28. Resin- a sticky organic substance from plants, also used synthetically.
  29. Retch- to make an effort to vomit.
  30. Retie- to tie again.
  31. Retro- imitative of a style or fashion from the recent past.
  32. Revue- a light theatrical entertainment consisting of a series of short sketches, songs, and dances.
  33. Rewet- to wet again.
  34. Rexes- plural form of rex, meaning king or another sovereign ruler.
  35. Retch- make an attempt to vomit.
  36. Revel- to take great pleasure or delight.
  37. Rewin- to win again.
  38. Rewax- to wax again.
  39. Rerun- a repeat performance of an event or broadcast.
  40. Rerig- to rig again or differently.
  41. Resow- to sow again.
  42. Resay- to say again.
  43. Reuse- to use again or more than once.
  44. Refly- to fly again.
  45. Refed- past tense of refed, meaning to feed again.
  46. Relet- to let again.
  47. Repot- to put a plant into another pot.
  48. Repin- to pin again.
  49. Retag- to tag again.
  50. Resow- to sow again.

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