5 Letter Words Starting with S: Complete List and Tips

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with the letter ‘S’ to help enrich your vocabulary and enhance your word games.

  1. Saber- A curved sword used in combat.
  2. Sable- A type of mammal known for its dark fur.
  3. Sappy- Overly sentimental or emotional.
  4. Scale- To climb or measure height or length.
  5. Scarf- A piece of cloth worn around the neck.
  6. Scare- To frighten someone or something.
  7. Scary- Something causing fear or terror.
  8. Scene- A specific location in a story or event.
  9. Scent- A distinctive smell or fragrance.
  10. Scoot- To move quickly and hurriedly.
  11. Scope- The extent of an area or subject matter.
  12. Scoop- A utensil for picking up and serving food.
  13. Score- The points achieved in a game.
  14. Scorn- To show contempt or disdain.
  15. Scout- A person sent to obtain information.
  16. Scram- To leave quickly or abruptly.
  17. Scrap- A small piece or fragment.
  18. Shady- Characterized by darkness or deceit.
  19. Shake- To move or cause to move quickly to and fro.
  20. Shaky- Unsteady or trembling.
  21. Shale- A type of sedimentary rock.
  22. Shall- Indicates future action or obligation.
  23. Shame- A feeling of humiliation or distress.
  24. Shape- The external form or contour of something.
  25. Shark- A large predatory fish known for its sharp teeth.
  26. Shear- To cut the wool off a sheep.
  27. Sheen- A soft glow or shine.
  28. Sheep- A domesticated ruminant animal.
  29. Shelf- A flat horizontal surface for storing objects.
  30. Shell- The hard protective outer case of some animals.
  31. Shiny- Reflecting light, gleaming.
  32. Shirt- A garment for the upper body.
  33. Shoal- A shallow place in a body of water.
  34. Shock- A sudden upsetting or surprising event.
  35. Shook- Past tense of shake.
  36. Shore- The land along the edge of a body of water.
  37. Short- Having little length or height.
  38. Shown- Past participle of show.
  39. Showy- Attractive or flashy.
  40. Shrub- A low woody plant with several stems.
  41. Shuck- To remove the outer covering of something.
  42. Sided- Having one side.
  43. Siege- A prolonged military blockade.
  44. Sieve- A utensil for sifting or straining.
  45. Sight- The ability to see.
  46. Signi- A variant form of sign; scope or locality.
  47. Silly- Lacking in seriousness or common sense.
  48. Sinew- A tendon or ligament.
  49. Singe- To burn slightly or superficially.
  50. Sinky- Tending to sink.
  51. Sixth- Coming after the fifth in position.
  52. Skate- To move on ice using skates.
  53. Skein- A length of thread or yarn.
  54. Skier- A person who engages in skiing.
  55. Skill- The ability to do something well.
  56. Skimp- To use less of something than is necessary.
  57. Skirt- A garment hanging from the waist.
  58. Skull- The bony structure of the head.
  59. Sleek- Smooth and glossy in appearance.
  60. Sleep- A natural state of rest.
  61. Slice- A thin, flat piece cut from something.
  62. Slide- To move smoothly along a surface.
  63. Sling- A band or strap for carrying.
  64. Slink- To move in a stealthy or secretive manner.
  65. Slope- An inclined surface or plane.
  66. Slosh- To spill or splash liquid around.
  67. Sloth- A slow-moving tree-dwelling mammal.
  68. Slump- To fall or sink heavily.
  69. Slyly- In a cunning or deceitful manner.
  70. Small- Of limited size or amount.
  71. Smack- A sharp slap or blow.
  72. Smell- To perceive an odor.
  73. Smelt- To extract metal from ore.
  74. Smile- An expression of pleasure with the mouth.
  75. Smirk- A self-satisfied or smug smile.
  76. Smite- To strike with a firm blow.
  77. Smoke- The visible vapor from burning substances.
  78. Smote- Past tense of smite.
  79. Snack- A small amount of food.
  80. Snail- A small mollusk with a spiral shell.
  81. Snake- A legless reptile.
  82. Snare- A trap for catching animals.
  83. Snarl- To growl with a showing of teeth.
  84. Sneer- To smile or speak in a contemptuous manner.
  85. Snood- A net or fabric for confining the hair.
  86. Snoop- To pry into the private affairs of others.
  87. Snore- To breathe noisily during sleep.
  88. Snort- To make a sudden explosive sound through the nose.
  89. Snoty- Disdainfully or contemptuously proud.
  90. Snowy- Covered with snow.
  91. Snubbed- To treat with disdain or contempt.
  92. Snuff- To extinguish a flame.
  93. Staid- Sedate, respectable, and unadventurous.
  94. Stair- A set of steps leading from one floor to another.
  95. Stake- A strong wooden or metal post.
  96. Stank- Past tense of stink.
  97. Stare- To look fixedly or vacantly at someone or something.
  98. Stash- To store something secretly.
  99. State- The condition of a person or thing.
  100. Steak- A slice of meat or fish, typically cut thick.

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