5 Letter Words Starting with Sc – List and Examples

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “sc,” this article will provide exactly what you need.

  1. Scale- A system of ordered marks at fixed intervals.
  2. Scalp- The skin covering the head.
  3. Scant- Barely sufficient in amount.
  4. Scare- To frighten or alarm.
  5. Scene- A setting or location.
  6. Scoop- A utensil for digging or serving.
  7. Scope- Range or extent of view or action.
  8. Score- A record of points made or goals.
  9. Scorn- Open dislike or disrespect.
  10. Scout- To explore or gather information.
  11. Scaly- Covered in scales or flakes.
  12. Scant- Barely sufficient; meager.
  13. Scarf- A piece of fabric worn around the neck or head.
  14. Scull- A type of boat or a pair of oars.
  15. Scamp- A mischievous person.
  16. Scrap- A small piece or portion.
  17. Scree- Loose stones or debris on a slope.
  18. Scrim- A durable, sheer fabric.
  19. Scrip- A document or certificate.
  20. Scrod- A young fish, typically cod or haddock.
  21. Scrub- To clean with hard rubbing.
  22. Scout- A member of a scout organization.
  23. Scour- Clean or brighten by rubbing.
  24. Scout- To search or hunt for something.
  25. Scuff- A mark or scratch.
  26. Scent- A distinctive smell.
  27. Scoot- To move quickly.
  28. Scope- Instrument for viewing.
  29. SCARF- A garment for warmth.
  30. Scape- A flower stalk.
  31. Scone- A baked good.
  32. Scowl- A frown or grimace.
  33. Scour- To cleanse by scrubbing.
  34. Scoff- To mock or ridicule.
  35. Scotc- A cut or scratch.
  36. Scion- A descendant or heir.
  37. Scorn- To disdain or despise.
  38. Scold- To reprimand.
  39. Screw- A type of fastener.
  40. Scoot- To move or flee quickly.
  41. Scope- Extent of operation.
  42. Scrap- Leftover piece.
  43. Scant- Insufficient amount.
  44. Scene- A part of a play or movie.
  45. Scour- To look closely.
  46. Scuff- Surface damage.
  47. Scout- One who scouts.
  48. Screw- Helical object.
  49. Scone- Sweet cake.
  50. Scion- Young shoot or twig.
  51. Scald- Burn with hot liquid.
  52. Scamp- Rascal or rogue.
  53. Scaly- Having scales.
  54. Scour- Search thoroughly.
  55. Scalp- Top of the head.
  56. Scope- Breadth or range.
  57. Scoff- Express derision.
  58. Scrap- Small leftover.
  59. Sauce- Condiment or dip.
  60. Scene- Visual location.
  61. Scent- Aroma or fragrance.
  62. Scald- To heat liquid to near boiling.
  63. Scare- Cause alarm.
  64. Scant- Barely adequate.
  65. Scout- Explorer.
  66. Scrub- Vegetation or brush.
  67. Scene- A division in a play.
  68. Scold- To chastise.
  69. Screw- Metal fastener.
  70. Scram- Leave quickly.
  71. Scold- Reprimand.
  72. Scuba- Diving gear.
  73. Scrub- To clean vigorously.
  74. Scott- Given name.
  75. Scope- Instrument for viewing.
  76. Scoop- Deep spoon.
  77. Scrap- Discarded material.
  78. Scuff- Slight scrape.
  79. Scion- Offspring.
  80. Scowl- Angry expression.
  81. Scalp- Hairy skin.
  82. Scrap- Small fragment.
  83. Scamp- Playful child.
  84. Scout- Troop member.
  85. Scree- Rocky slope.
  86. Scarf- Neckwear.
  87. Score- Written music.
  88. Scant- Limited.
  89. Scull- Type of oar.
  90. Scape- Plant stalk.
  91. Scone- Biscuit.
  92. Scoop- Shovel-like tool.
  93. Scar- Mark of injury.
  94. Scoop- Rounded tool.
  95. Scold- Admonish.
  96. Scale- Weight measure.
  97. Scene- Place or location.
  98. Scowl- Frown.
  99. Scull- Rowboat.

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