5 Letter Words Starting with Se: A Handy List

In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of five-letter words that start with “se,” helping you expand your vocabulary effortlessly.

  1. Serve- To provide or supply.
  2. Sense- Perception or feeling.
  3. Sedan- A type of car with a closed body.
  4. Sedge- A grassy plant that grows in wetlands.
  5. Segue- To transition smoothly.
  6. Seize- To grab or take hold forcefully.
  7. Semi- Partly or half.
  8. Septa- Plural of septum, a dividing wall in an organism.
  9. Setup- An arrangement or configuration.
  10. Sewer- An underground conduit for waste.
  11. Serial- Sequentially ordered.
  12. Seamy- Sordid or unpleasant.
  13. Seven- The number 7.
  14. Segal- Referring to Steven Segal, a unique surname.
  15. Secar- To dry in Spanish (secar).
  16. Seism- Related to earthquakes.
  17. Sella- An anatomical saddle-shaped depression.
  18. Selah- A term in Psalms, used as a pause in music.
  19. Selva- A tropical rainforest.
  20. Sects- Religious subgroups.
  21. Selas- Alternate plural of Sela, often a name.
  22. Searl- A surname.
  23. Sefes- A surname.
  24. Sefis- A name.
  25. Sects- Religious factions.
  26. Selke- A surname.
  27. Sebum- Skin’s oily secretion.
  28. Senge- A name.
  29. Sever- To cut or break apart.
  30. Senns- A surname.
  31. Serif- A small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter.
  32. Selma- A name or city.
  33. Seltz- Carbonated water, especially in Germany.
  34. Sealy- A name or a mattress brand.
  35. Segni- A town in Italy.
  36. Seiko- A Japanese watch brand.
  37. Seepy- Full of seepage.
  38. Seale- A surname.
  39. Seaco- Abbreviation for Seacoast.
  40. Seivy- A name.
  41. Sedge- Grasslike plant.
  42. Segal- A surname.
  43. Sella- Anatomical term for a saddle-shaped area.
  44. Selah- A musical term in Psalms.
  45. Sella- A saddle-shaped depression.
  46. Segur- A surname.
  47. Sells- To exchange for money.
  48. Sessa- A surname.
  49. Sense- Perception.
  50. Serin- A small finch.
  51. Setup- Configuration.
  52. Sedan- A type of car.
  53. Seven- Number after six.
  54. Sedge- Plant.
  55. Seedy- Untidy or run-down.
  56. Serve- To offer or provide.
  57. Seiko- Watch brand.
  58. Seams- Joinings where two edges meet.
  59. Seats- Places to sit.
  60. Seale- A surname.
  61. Sears- A department store.
  62. Seake- A surname.
  63. Secor- A name.
  64. Secan- To cut in Spanish (seganar).
  65. Segal- A surname.
  66. Seine- A river in France or a fishing net.
  67. Seamy- Unpleasant.
  68. Seize- To take hold.
  69. Seens- Plural of seen.
  70. Seefa- A name.
  71. Seive- A sieve, tool to strain.
  72. Sefer- A book in Hebrew.
  73. Sejae- Name.
  74. Selkn- A surname.
  75. Sells- Exchanges for money.
  76. Sella- A depression shape.
  77. Sefer- A term for a book in Hebrew.
  78. Septa- Dividing walls in an organism.
  79. Seant- An old term for a person seated.
  80. Secco- Dry fresco painting.
  81. Seche- A surname.
  82. Secon- A surname.
  83. Seiko- Brand.
  84. Serta- Mattress brand.
  85. Servo- A small robot or motor.
  86. Seitz- A surname.
  87. Sease- To seize.
  88. Selim- Arabic name.
  89. Searl- A surname.
  90. Serns- A surname.
  91. Sefar- A term meaning book or scroll.
  92. Seter- Dialectical variant of setter.
  93. Setts- Plural form of sett (stone).
  94. Seine- River in France.
  95. Sefir- Ancient wind name.
  96. Seamy- Sordid or sleazy.
  97. Selds- Plural form of seld (rare).
  98. Secco- A type of dry plaster.
  99. Sedex- An express mail service.

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