5 Letter Words Starting with Sto: A Quick Reference

In this article, you’ll discover a comprehensive list of five-letter words starting with “sto” to expand your vocabulary and aid in word games.

  1. Stone- A small piece of rock.
  2. Stoop- To bend the body forward and downward.
  3. Stock- A supply of goods kept for sale.
  4. Stool- A seat without a back or arms.
  5. Store- A place where goods are sold.
  6. Stomp- To tread heavily or noisily.
  7. Stole- A long, narrow scarf.
  8. Storm- A violent weather condition.
  9. Stomp- To crush, flatten, or destroy by or as if by treading.
  10. Stove- An appliance for cooking or heating.

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