5 Letter Words Starting with To: List & Examples

If you’re looking for a list of five-letter words that start with “to,” this article will give you exactly what you need.

  1. Today- the present day.
  2. Topic- subject of discussion.
  3. Tooth- a hard, bony structure in the mouth.
  4. Tonic- a medicinal substance to restore vitality.
  5. Towel- a piece of absorbent cloth for drying.
  6. Total- the whole amount.
  7. Touch- to come into physical contact with.
  8. Tough- strong and durable.
  9. Token- a symbol or sign.
  10. Torch- a portable light source.
  11. Toned- having a particular tone or sound.
  12. Tonic- related to muscle tone.
  13. Toady- a person who flatters others for personal gain.
  14. Toler- older form of “tolerate.”
  15. Tonic- related to a musical key or note.
  16. Torus- a surface of revolution with a hole in the middle.
  17. Tombs- burial chambers.
  18. Toads- amphibians related to frogs.
  19. Toted- carried something.
  20. Tools- instruments used to carry out a particular function.
  21. Toils- activities that involve hard work.
  22. Torei- Japanese traditional wooden strips.
  23. Tones- particular sounds associated with pitch.
  24. Tocos- plural of toco, a type of toucan.
  25. Tobey- a variant of the name Toby.
  26. Toothy- having or showing prominent teeth.
  27. Toper- a heavy drinker.
  28. Torts- wrongful acts leading to civil legal liability.
  29. Torre- a high or tower-like structure.
  30. Token- something that signifies or stands in for something else.
  31. Totes- carries something.
  32. Tolus- an unusual or rare term related to a mound.
  33. Toral- related to a torus.
  34. Torse- the representation of a twisted band in heraldry.
  35. Toast- bread browned by exposure to heat.

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